By default, both the WordPress core and PublishPress Authors provide author profile pages. This is one URL where you can find all the posts written by an author.

Some plugins can interfere with these author pages. This guide will help you troubleshoot if your pages are not working correctly.

Profile pages have the wrong authors? #

If your profile pages aren't working, trying changing your theme quickly to use the WordPress default theme.

If your theme is not working, but the default theme is working, you will need to make changes to your theme.

This guide will help you integrate PublishPress Authors with your theme. We have some child themes available to help.

Pages don't appear? Do you have an SEO plugin installed? #

If you are using the Yoast SEO plugin, or similar SEO plugins, this may be disabling your author pages. This example below is for Yoast, but other plugins do have similar features.

  • Go to SEO > Search Appearance in the WordPress admin menu.
  • Click the “Archives” tab.
  • Make sure that “Author archives” is set to “Enabled”.

Are your profile page URLs are incorrect? #

If your profile URLs don't match the format you want, you can update the URLs using this technique.