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Modify the Theme Output for Authors

The PublishPress Authors plugin allows you to show author profiles using this action:

<?php do_action( 'pp_multiple_authors_show_author_box' ); ?>

You can modify this action in several ways. Here is one example that mimics the default WordPress author byline:

<?php do_action('pp_multiple_authors_show_author_box', false, 'inline'); ?>

In this code, false refers to the title of the authors area. If you change this to true, the title for the area will appear:

Author With Title
Author With Title

You can also change inline to one of the other layout options:

  • simple_list
  • centered
  • boxed
  • inline_avatar

For example, you can change your code to use boxed:

<?php do_action('pp_multiple_authors_show_author_box', false, 'boxed'); ?>

The image below shows the author profiles created by the code above:


You can use this method in archive/author pages or in the homepage of your site, but that requires a 3rd argument that says you are displaying the authors in a archive page:

<?php do_action('pp_multiple_authors_show_author_box', false, 'boxed', true); ?>

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