Approved by a user in this role

With this requirement, you can stop content from being published unless it has been approved by a user in a particular role.

This is an excellent way to allow some users to “sign off” on content before it is published.

Video guide to this requirement

How to use the “Approved by a user in this role” task

  • Go to Checklists > Settings. The image below shows the internal links option.
  • You can choose from “Disabled, Recommended, or Required” options.
  • You can choose “Who can ignore this task?
  • In the final box, you can choose which roles can approve posts. In the image below, posts can't be published unless they are approved by an Administrator or Editor.
Approver By User Role
Approver By User Role

If a user is in one of the selected roles, they will see a checkbox like the one shown below.

Disabled Checkbox User Role
Disabled Checkbox User Role

If the user approves the post, they can check the box and the content can be published.

Approved Checkbox User Role
Approved Checkbox User Role

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