How Do PublishPress Licenses Work?

If you visit the Pricing page for PublishPress you'll see that Site Licenses are available. For example, some plans have Site License for 1 site, and other plans offer Site License for 10 sites.

These Site Licenses allow you to get updates and support for registered sites.

However, what does a Site License mean when you're dealing with localhost environments, multisite networks, and subdomains / subfolders? In this article we'll clarify how you can use Site Licenses.

Localhost and Dev Environments

You are welcome to use PublishPress on your localhost or development environment, with no license needed. If your URL matches any of these patterns, no license is needed:

  • localhost
  • *.dev
  • .*local
  • dev.*
  • staging.*

It's also worth mentioning that our plugins still work without a license key. The license keys mainly provide you with support and automatic updates. So all the features of our plugins will work on your localhost, dev and staging sites.

WordPress Multisite

A single Site License is all you need for WordPress multisite networks.

A WordPress multi-site network only has a single plugins directory, which is shared by all sites. So if a plugin is updated for one site, it is updated for all sites. In that sense, a single license can be used for an entire Network.

However, the sub-site which activated the license will be the only site that can check for new updates.

We recommend making a single site that controls and activates all licenses to prevent things getting unorganized.

Subdomains / Subfolders

PublishPress add-ons and support are provided using Site Licenses. That is not the same as a Domain License, so if you have multiple sites installed across subfolders and subdomains, each site will require a unique Site License.

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