How to Migrate from PressPermit Core to PublishPress Permissions

In June 2019, we moved the PressPermit plugin over to This is part of an acquisition involving several plugins.

During the move, we made two other changes:

  1. We simplified how PressPermit works.
  2. The changed the name to “PublishPress Permissions”.

Before June 2019, there was a single “Press Permit Core” plugin and then over a dozen different extensions. Now all the extensions have been combined into one package called “PublishPress Permissions Pro“.

How to Update to Permissions Pro #

If you were a PressPermit user before June 2019, here's how to update to the new Permissions Pro.

  • Backup your site. The codebase is 99% the same as the older version, but it's always a good habit to backup before updating.
  • Download Permissions Pro from your account here at If you don't have an account yet, please contact us.
  • Install the new Permissions Pro plugin, but don't activate it immediately.
  • Deactivate the Press Permit Core plugin.
  • Activate the Permissions Pro plugin.
  • Deactivate all your PressPermit extensions.
  • Check your site to make sure everything is working correctly.
  • Delete the old Press Permit Core plugin, plus the extensions.

If you need help during any of these steps, please don't hesitate to contact us.

How to Rollback Your PressPermit Update #

If anything goes wrong with your update, here's how you can temporarily roll back to PressPermit Core:

  • Download the Press Permit Core 2.6.3 zip file from
  • Deactivate and delete PressPermit 2.7.x.
  • Install your downloaded plugin zip via Plugins > Add New > Upload.
  • Activate Press Permit Core.
  • Finally, if you deactivated any of the PressPermit extensions, temporarily re-activate those.