Example: Add Social Links to Author Profiles

This guide shows how to add a new field using PublishPress Authors Pro.

We will show you how to add new social link to author profiles. This example we'll use is a field for the “Mastodon” social network.

To get started, we're going to add some new social icons to PublishPress Authors.

  • Go to Authors > Settings > Advanced.
  • Check the “Font Awesome icons” box. This will load Font Awesome icons for use in Author Boxes.

Now we can add our new social field:

  • Go to “Authors” then “Author Fields” in your WordPress admin menu.
  • Click “New Author Field”.
  • Create your new field for social links. In the image below, I'm using the “Link” field type and selecting “Yes, this is a Social Profile”.
  • Click “Publish”.
Adding a new social profile link in PublishPress Authors
New Author Field
  • Go to “Author Profile” and enter a URL for your social link. We will use this to test our new field.
Creating a new social profile link in PublishPress Authors
  • Go to “Authors”, then “Author Boxes”.
  • Edit the layout you want to add social links to. In the example, below I'll use the “Boxed” layout.
Editing Author Fields in PublishPress Authors
Author Layouts
  • Go to the “Author Fields” tab.
  • Check the box to enable your new field.
Enabling new social profile link in PublishPress Authors
Follow On Twitter Code

You will immediately see the link to your social profile in the preview at the top of the screen:

New social profile link in PublishPress Authors

Now you can modify this link to make it more attractive.

  • Go to FontAwesome.com and search for the best icon for your profile.
  • In this example, I'll use this Mastodon icon.
  • Enter the HTML code for the icon into the “Display Icon” field, as in this screenshot below.
  • I've also changed the “Display” setting to be simply “Field Icon”.
Field settings for Author Fields
  • Finally, I'd recommend choosing “link” for the “HTML Tag” field.
New Mastodon field

This will now complete the process and turn your icon into an active link. You may want to change the color settings for the field to match your site design:

New Mastodon social links