PublishPress Revisions Pro has support for the Elementor plugin. This guide shows to use PublishPress Revisions and Elementor together.

How to Create a Revision to Elementor Posts #

There are two ways to create a new revision of an existing post that uses Elementor. These guides are using the example of a user in the “Revisor” role.

Option #1: In the WordPress admin area #

  • Find a published post or page that was created with Elementor.
  • Click the “New Revision” link.
Elementor Revision
  • On the next screen, you can click the “Edit with Elementor” button to make changes.
Edit Revision in Elementor

Option #2: On the website frontend #

  • Visit the post or page that you want to modify.
  • Click “New Revision” in the admin bar, as in this screenshot below:
New Revisions on Admin Bar

How to Submit Revisions on Elementor Posts #

As with the steps above, this guide is created from the viewpoint of a user in the “Revisor” role.

  • If you have created the revision, you will have the Elementor editor opened. You can make changes here.
  • After you make some changes, you can click “Submit” button.
Submit Revisions on Elementor
  • You will be redirected to preview the revision.
  • In the WordPress admin area, anyone in the “Administrator” role can go to visit the “Revision Queue” screen and you see the submitted revisions for Elementor posts.

How to Schedule Revisions on Elementor Posts #

It is possible to schedule content updates to Elementor posts.

  • While editing the post or page, click the date in the right sidebar.
  • Choose the new date for these changes to go live after the revisions are approved.
  • Make sure to “Save Draft” first, so the new date is saved.
  • Then you can start making changes by click “Edit with Elementor” button