Troubleshooting the PublishPress Revisions Plugin

This guide has advice for fixing various problems that users sometimes find the with the PublishPress Revisions plugin.

Some revisions are missing from the queue #

If some revisions are missing from the queue, you can disable a performance enhancement for better compatibility with themes and plugins.

  • Go to “Revisions”, then “Settings”.
  • Check the “Compatibility Mode” box.
Compatbility Mode
Compatbility Mode

iframe or scripts tags are missing #

If you see HTML tags such as <iframe> or <scripts> being stripped from revisions, make sure that your user has the unfiltered html permission.

This solution may also work if revisions are converting characters such as “&” to HTML code such as &

Preview button is not working correctly #

There is some variation in how themes respond to revision previews. Please try adjusting the following plugin setting:

  • Revisions > Settings > Preview / Approval > Preview Link Type
Preview Link Type
Preview Link Type