How to Approve and Schedule Changes to WooCommerce Products

WooCommerce is the most popular way to build a WordPress eCommerce site.

In this guide, I'm going to explain how WordPress revisions work with WooCommerce. By default, WooCommerce doesn't support revisions at all!

I'll show you how to enable revisions for WooCommerce, and then we'll see how to manage them.

WooCommerce doesn't support revisions? #

Yes, that's correct. At least by default, revisions are not enabled in WooCommerce. I recommend adding this code to your theme's functions.php file. Once that code is in place, you will now see this link when you edit a WooCommerce product:

However, you don't have to add that code. Another approach is to install the PublishPress Revisions plugin. This will also expose the revisions feature inside WooCommerce products:

How to manage WooCommerce revisions #

With PublishPress Revisions Pro you can submit, moderate, approve and schedule revisions to your WooCommerce products.

PublishPress Revisions Pro works for published products. When you edit a published WooCommerce product, you will see a “Save as Pending Revision” option in the right sidebar:

WooCommerce pending revision being created in PublishPress Revisions Pro

After saving your revision, you'll see a message saying the change is now waiting for editorial review.

WooCommerce message in PublishPress Revisions Pro

Your WooCommerce product revision will appear on the main Revision Queue screen:

WooCommerce Revision Queue in PublishPress Revisions Pro

All the core WooCommerce fields are supported by PublishPress Revisions Pro. For example, the price, inventory, and shipping fields can all be controlled through the revision process.

WooCommerce fields supported in PublishPress Revisions Pro

PublishPress Revisions Pro also supports Product categories, tags, images, and galleries:

WooCommerce features supported in PublishPress Revisions Pro

The one caveat I'd make is regarding third party WooCommerce plugins. We do recommend testing their compatibility with PublishPress Revisions Pro before deploying on a live site.

How to schedule WooCommerce product revisions #

It is possible to schedule WooCommerce product revisions to go live in the future.

When you're creating or editing a revision, change the “Publish” date in the right sidebar.

A WooCommerce revision being scheduled in PublishPress Revisions Pro
  • Click “Preview” or “View / Approve”, depending on which button you see.
  • You'll be taken to the frontend of your site and will see a green “This is a Pending Revision” message.
WooCommerce revisions pending message in PublishPress Revisions Pro

Click “Approve” and you will now see “This is a Scheduled Revision” message.

WooCommerce revisions scheduled message in PublishPress Revisions Pro

Back on the “Revision Queue” screen, you'll see see the scheduled date in the “Schedule” column:

WooCommerce revisions scheduled in PublishPress Revisions Pro

Emails for WooCommerce revisions #

Whenever a revision is submitted for a WooCommerce product, you can get an email notification. Find out more in this documentation.

WooCommerce revisions email notification

Plugins supported by PublishPress Revisions Pro #

Here are some of the many plugins supported by PublishPress Revisions Pro:

Unsure if your plugin supports PublishPress Revisions? We wrote a handy guide.

PublishPress and WooCommerce work great together #

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