Add a Search Box to the Authors List

The Authors List shortcode allows to display all the authors on your site.

If you have a busy site with many authors, you want to add a search box to the Authors List.

Adding a search box possible if you add search_box="true" to your Authors List shortcode, as in this example:

[publishpress_authors_list layout="authors_recent" search_box="true"]

The shortcode above is going to produce a display that looks like this screenshot below:

Author Search
Author Search

You can extend this search option and allow users to search on custom fields. You can add the fields using this format: search_field="first_name,last_name". This feature supports all core WordPress fields and all custom fields in PublishPress Authors Pro.

Here's is an example shortcode:

[publishpress_authors_list layout="authors_recent" search_box="true" search_field="first_name,last_name"]

This image below shows the output from the shortcode above. The extra fields are placed next to the search box:

Author Fields Search
Author Fields Search

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