How to Publish or Schedule Revisions With Revisionary

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After you create a revision with Revisionary, you will be taken to a “Revision Manager” screen.

On the top of this screen, you will see several options.

How to Publish Revisions

If you have the correct permissions, you will see a “Publish Now” link. Click this link and you will instantly replace the existing content with your revision.

How to Schedule Revisions

Click the “Edit” link under Requested Publish Date” and you will see a dropdown datepicker. This allows you to schedule when the revision will go live.

If you choose a date, you will see the message “Unsaved Date Selection”. Click “Update Revision” to confirm the scheduled date.

You will now see the message “The revision was updated.” If you want to find scheduled revisions, you can find them on the bottom of this current screen:

You can also go to the main “Posts” screen. Your scheduled revisions will be marked as “(revision)”.

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