How to Moderate and Publish Revisions

After you create a revision with PublishPress Revisions, you will be able to find that revision on the “Revision Queue” screen.

This screen does not contain on the all revisions on your site. It only contains revisions that have been submitted for approval.

If you have sufficient permissions, you’ll see the “Preview” link for a revision.

You will be taken to the front of your site and will have several options. These are the options for a pending revision:

  • Compare: See the differences between this version and the currently published revision.
  • View Published Post: See the currently published revision.
  • Edit: Make changes to this revision.
  • Publish now: Make this the currently published revision.

The color and options in this toolbar will change based on the status of the revision. For example, this is a scheduled revision:

Other options for revisions

  • You can choose to delete the revision:

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