How to Schedule Revisions

One very useful feature of PublishPress Revisions is that you can schedule revisions to be published in the future.

Guide to Scheduling Revisions

After installing PublishPress Revisions, go to Revisions > Settings and make sure the “Scheduled Revisions” box is checked.

Here’s how to create a future revision:

  • Edit a Post that has the “Published” status.
  • Start by making some changes to your content.
  • Then, in the right sidebar, find the “Publish” date:

Change this option to a date in the future. This is going to be when your scheduled revision goes live.

If you change the date successfully, the “Update” button will change to “Schedule Revision”.

  • You willl now see the message, “Your modification was saved as a Scheduled Revision.”
  • Click “View Revision Queue”.

On the “Revision Queue” screen and you’ll see your scheduled revision:

If you click the “Preview” link on the “Revision Queue”, you will see a moderation toolbar. If this toolbar has a grey color, the revision is scheduled. You will also see the message, “This is a Scheduled Revision”.

Email Notifications for Scheduled Revisions

Do you want to get notified when the scheduled revisions go live? Go to Revisions > Settings again. There is an option to email Editors and Administrators when the post goes live. Click here for more on notifications.

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