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Changelogs for PublishPress Permissions Pro

This changelog is for the Pro version of PublishPress Permissions.

You can find the changelog for the free version by clicking this link to

= [3.5.3] 15 Apr 2021 = * Fixed : Statuses - PHP warning in editor: "Undefined variable: status" * Compat : Statuses + Yoast SEO Premium + Classic Editor : Fatal error in editor if Yoast SEO has Zapier integration enabled= [3.5.2] 8 Apr 2021 = * Compat : Gutenberg Ramp - Fatal error on editor screen if PublishPress Revisions not active * Compat : Revisions Pro + Elementor, Divi or Beaver Builder : Pending Revision Monitors group membership did not control notifications= [3.5.1] 1 Apr 2021 = * Fixed : Classic Editor - Publish metabox replaced "Public" caption with blank space * Fixed : Post Editor - toggling a Specific Permission Enabled / Disabled left both Enabled and Disabled permissions intact (with Enabled taking precedence under normal configuration) * Fixed : File Access - uploads/.htaccess file was not cleared on module deactivation * Fixed : Statuses + Classic Editor - blank status captions, javascript errors * Compat : Classic Editor plugin - PHP warning for undefined variable current_user on some screens if users are allowed to select their editor * Compat : PublishPress Revisions - Revisors could not preview other users' pending revisions, even if they are listed in Revision Queue (also requires PublishPress Revisions 2.5.1) * Compat : PublishPress - Pending Revision Monitors group ineffective; notifications were sent to all Editors and Administrators (also requires PublishPress Revisions 2.5.1)= [3.5] 4 Mar 2021 = * Compat : Divi Builder - Specific Permissions did not allow non-Editors to edit other users' pages * Compat : PublishPress Authors - non-Editors could be locked out of editing their own post due to "default author for new post" setting or manual Authors change * Compat : PublishPress Authors - users who can edit due to specific permissions where blocked from Edit Posts / Pages screen under some configurations * Compat : PublishPress Revisions - Specific Permissions did not allow Contributors to revise other users' pages * Compat : Glance That plugin - Widget content was cleared * Change : Sync Posts, Teaser submenu links in Permissions menu * Change : Settings screen - admin hints hidden by default, display on Comments icon click * Change : Moved Users screen content to Settings > Advanced > User Permissions * Lang : Separated admin hints into separate language file (text domains: press-permit-core-hints, presspermit-pro-hints) * Fixed : Permission metaboxes in post editor did not search user display name * Fixed : Permission metaboxes in post editor - clicking search icon did not trigger search * Fixed : Fatal error in some custom REST requests * Fixed : Membership module - group members could not be selected, due to a jQuery change * Perf : Eliminate a few redundant queries= [3.4.3] 21 Jan 2021 = * Fixed : Edit Category / Term - Metaboxes for Editing and Assignment permissions were blank * Fixed : Non-Administrators with editing access to an unpublished post could not view it using standard post link * API : New filter 'presspermit_rest_post_endpoints' and 'presspermit_rest_term_endpoints' support some custom REST API routes and endpoints * Compat : Simple WordPress Membership - Invalid metabox displayed on Edit Category screen= [3.4.2] 20 Jan 2021 = * Compat : WP Engine Object Cache - initial pass at auto-clearing cache on plugin configuration changes * Fixed : Fatal error loading Permissions > Post Statuses screen * Fixed : Slow comment count query for Contributors in wp-admin= [3.4.1] 14 Jan 2021 = * Fixed : Anonymous visitors were blocked from viewing public posts under some conditions * Fixed : Administrators could not assign roles or edit users with a role level higher that Subscriber, under some conditions * Fixed : Fatal Error activating Permissions Pro if Permissions is already active * Fixed : PHP Warning for undefined constant DB_NAME, on some installations * Fixed : Deprecated jQuery event handlers * Compat : PublishPress Revisions - Contributors could not edit their own drafts if Revisions is configured to restrict access to other users' drafts * Compat : PublishPress Capabilities - With "Control Custom Statuses" enabled, custom capability was required to set Draft status * Compat : WPML - Edit Category / Edit Term screen had duplicate Permissions metaboxes * Compat : PublishPress Authors - PHP Notice in term / category filtering under some conditions * Feature : Add / Edit User: single select for Permission Groups if constant PRESSPERMIT_EDIT_USER_SINGLE_GROUP_SELECTION or PRESSPERMIT_EDIT_USER_SINGLE_GROUP_SELECTION is defined= [3.4] 17 Dec 2020 = * Compat : PublishPress Authors - integration of multiple authors in Permissions filtering * Fixed : Better styling in Permissions / Groups administration UI * Fixed : Term assignment permissions were not applied correctly in Gutenberg editor, under some configurations= [3.3.10] 8 Dec 2020 = * Lang: Include a .pot file (translation template) * Lang : Move all Pro translation strings into a single file * Compat : Loco Translate - Support translation of Pro and Free plugin strings * Compat : GD bbPress Attachments - 404 error on some sites following file rewrite rules update, if File Access module enabled * Compat : Status Control + WooCommerce: PHP Notice on scheduled task execution * Compat : Access Circles + PublishPress Revisions - Visibility Circles blocked editors from approving revisions * Compat : PublishPress Revisions - Pending Revision Monitors group members were not properly filtered for editing access prior to display as available "Publishers to Notify" * Compat : Divi Page Builder / theme - Contributors granted page editing permission for specific pages cannot edit those pages with Divi * Compat : Visual Composer - PHP error for undefined class "PublishPress\Permissions\Capabilities" under some configurations * Compat : Display Posts plugin - Posts with a custom privacy status were never listed (even if readable) * Fixed : Edit Permissions screen - Cannot save Specific Permissions for a post type that has the same name as a taxonomy * Fixed : Menus screen - Private posts were not included in "Add menu items" search results * Fixed : Categories / Terms screen - Incorrect filtering under some conditions= [3.3.9] 27 Oct 2020 = * Fixed : Permissions metaboxes were not displayed on Edit Category screen= [3.3.8] 26 Oct 2020 = * Feature : Gutenberg block embedding - for users lacking "edit_posts" capability, allow embedding based on "upload_files" (or per "presspermit_embed_capability" filter) * Feature : New setting - Core > Front End > "Performance: Don't filter category / tag counts" * Fixed: REST tag / term queries returned all terms, ignoring per_page parameter * Fixed : Comment count filtering - Incorrect Total for non-Administrators * Fixed : Comment count filtering - Incorrect Approved subtotal for non-Administrators if PublishPress Notifications or Editorial Comments have been stored * Compat : ODBC installations - Comment query database error caused issues including lack of confirmation message after Revision creation with PublishPress Revisions plugin * Compat : Revisions - With Status Control module active, Edit Revision screen had invalid "Workflow" button (also requires Revisions 2.4.2) * Compat : Revisions - "Prevent Revisors from editing others' revisions" setting was not applied (also requires Revisions 2.4.2) * Compat : Revisions - Category-Specific Revise Permissions allowed an Author to fully edit posts in specified categories * Compat : Revisions - Category-Specific Revise Permissions allowed an Author to restore past revisions * Compat : Revisions - If Revisors are blocked from editing other users' drafts, those can now be included (unclickable) in Edit Pages if the list_others_pages capability is granted * Compat : Revisions - Specific Permissions to enable the Revise operation were ineffective for Contributors and Authors in some cases * Compat : GD bbPress Attachments - Attachments display on topic / reply view was blocked for logged in users * Fixed : PHP Warning for undefined index on first-time activation * Fixed : PHP Warning on Edit Category page, for deprecated action name * Fixed : Status Control - Prevent "Save as Published" button captioning in Gutenberg editor * Change : Some settings captions referred to "PressPermit"= [3.3.7] 9 Oct 2020 = * Fixed : Status Control - If a Contributor or Revisor editing an existing post cancels out of Gutenberg pre-publish panel, the toggle button disappears * Fixed : Status Control - For Contributors and Revisors, recaptioning of Gutenberg Submit button to reflect custom status workflow was not done for new posts * Compat : PublishPress Revisions - On new post creation, Revisors had Submit button replaced by a Publish button, which failed. The only way to submit was to Save Draft first. * Compat : PublishPress Revisions - Existing "Edit Page" Permissions could not be mirrored as "Revise Page" Permissions using bulk edit dropdown * Compat : PublishPress Revisions - Existing "Revise Page" Permissions could not be mirrored as "Edit Page" Permissions using bulk edit dropdown * Compat : PublishPress Revisions - PHP warning on Edit Group Permissions screen if any Specific Permissions are stored for the Revise operation= [3.3.6] 8 Oct 2020 = * Fixed : Post-specific permissions did not correctly enable access under some configurations with "Post-specific Permissions take priority" setting enabled * Fixed : Status Control - Duplicate Update / Save As button generated in Gutenberg editor after post update if Status Control module is active= [3.3.5] 1 Oct 2020 = * Change : Friendlier caption in Permissions metaboxes, "Editing permissions have not been added or blocked for any Custom Group" * Fixed : Javascript error "jQuery is not defined" on some sites * Fixed : Media items were always included in search results if filtering enabled. Now controlled by Settings > Core > Front End > Search Results include Media * Fixed : Edit Permission Group - In Posts / Pages selector, "(none)" item was not available unless paging links clicked (since 3.1) * Fixed : Teaser - PHP Warning for illegal string offset under some conditions * Fixed : Teaser - content was not teased for posts edited by Elementor plugin * Compat : Gutenberg Ramp - Revision submission UI did not load for post types that have Gutenberg enabled * Compat : Capabilities Pro - Status-specific capabilities not displayed correctly on Capabilities screen with Administrator login if Administrator role has pp_moderate_any capability * Compat : Revisionary - with custom capabilities enabled for Workflow statuses, allow Contributors to submit revisions to unpublished posts they cannot otherwise edit * Fixed : Status Control - Users who do not have Set capability for a custom status could not update posts already set to that status= [3.3.4] 11 Sep 2020 = * Fixed : Post access was improperly blocked under some configurations if Permissions > Settings > Core > "Post-specific Permissions take priority" enabled= [3.3.3] 10 Sep 2020 = * Fixed : Deleted WordPress roles were still listed in Permissions metaboxes of Post/Term editor * Fixed : Limited term managers could not view some of their manageable terms under some configurations * Fixed : Term managers who are limited to managing a fixed set of terms had "None" category listed in Parent dropdown, even though they cannot add a top-level category * Fixed : Parent selection for custom post types was not properly filtered in Gutenberg editor * Fixed : Status Control - with Classic Editor, if statuses are configured for branching and default status progression set to "highest available", some statuses were not directly selectable * Fixed : Setting "Post-specific Permissions take priority" ineffective under some configurations * Feature : File Access - Attachments Utility can be run by direct URL (for cron task) * Compat : PublishPress Authors - activation of invalid "Custom permissions for Authors" setting on Edit Author screen (using a previous Permissions version) broke Authors > Authors listing and editing access * Compat : Nested Pages - Enable Permissions filtering, but disable Quick Edit and Context Menu for non-Administrators by default. Available constants: PP_NESTED_PAGES_DISABLE_FILTERING, PP_NESTED_PAGES_QUICKEDIT_ROLES, PP_NESTED_PAGES_CONTEXT_MENU_ROLES * Compat : Public Post Preview + PublishPress Revisions: Public previews of pending and scheduled revisions were blocked * Compat : WooCommerce - When editing a product, variation additions were blocked inappropriately= [3.3.2] 21 Aug 2020 = * Fixed : Status Control - SHOW TABLES query was executed on each site access, causing performance issues on some sites (since 3.2.7)= [3.3.1] 19 Aug 2020 = * Fixed : Status Control - Workflow statuses without custom capabilities enabled were not selectable in Gutenberg editor * Fixed : WP 5.5 - Incorrect font sizing for Post Status and Visibility captions in Gutenberg editor= [3.3] 13 Aug 2020 = * Fixed : WP 5.5 - Javascript error in Classic Editor if Default Privacy is set to a non-public status * Fixed : Status Control - Corrected many bugs and quirks with custom workflow status selection and custom visibility selection in Gutenberg * Fixed : Status Control - Could not select "Password Protected" * Fixed : Status Control - Sub-page Visibility could not be set * Fixed : Status Control - Limited editors could not save a custom moderation status in Gutenberg * Fixed : Status Control - when "Edit (Classic)" link is used, some editor integration was incorrect * Change : In Settings UI, use caption "logged in users" instead of "logged users" * Fixed : Pro - Post Status dropdown in Gutenberg editor was pushed into bad alignment if PublishPress 2.2 active * Fixed : WP object cache was cleared when a non-Administrator accessed wp-admin Pages listing= [3.2.8] 7 Aug 2020 = * Fixed : Page Parent could not be viewed or changed in Gutenberg editor (since 3.2.6)= [3.2.7] 19 Jul 2020 = * Fixed : Fatal error on new installations when Status Control, Import or Circles module is activated= [3.2.6] 19 Jul 2020 = * Fixed : Fatal error on new installations when Status Control, Import or Circles module is activated * Fixed : REST API - When context argument is used with include argument in a GET posts query, include value is ignored= [3.2.5] 8 Jul 2020 = * Fixed : New post creation locked author out of further editing if editing permission restricted by term and necessary term was not selected (now auto-select allowed term if none selected) * Fixed : Multisite - Permissions menu was not displayed if plugin network-activated and main site ID is not 1 * Fixed : Term-specific Permissions were not applied correctly in some configurations * Fixed : Restrictive term-specific Permissions were not correctly negated by permissive term-specific restrictions assigned to another role or group for the same user * Compat : Revisions - Revision Permissions assigned for specific categories did not enable editing of existing revisions * Compat : Divi - non-Administrators could not edit new page on front end * Compat : PublishPress Authors - invalid error message for minimum PressPermit Pro version (note: Permissions is still not fully compatible with PublishPress Authors) * Status Control : Javascript error in Gutenberg editor under some conditions * Status Control : PHP Warning in Publish metabox under some conditions * Status Control : Avoid conflict with BuddyForm, other plugins: don't change ID of #submitdiv in Classic Editor. Instead, add a class. * Status Control : Users could not edit custom status posts without edit_others capability * Status Control : Workflow status was not properly incremented under some conditions * Feature : Support capabilities list_posts, list_others_posts, list_pitch_pages, etc. for inclusion in Posts / Pages listing without ability to edit= [3.2.4] 1 Jun 2020 = * Fixed : bbPress - forum search failed for non-Administrators= [3.2.3] 1 June 2020 = * Fixed : Supplemental roles were not effective on some sites * Fixed : Menu management limitations were not applied= [3.2.2] 29 May 2020 = * Fixed : Languages folder was missing in Permissions [Free] code= [3.2.1] 28 May 2020 = * Fixed : WordPress plugin updater prompted for new version update after version 3.2 already installed= [3.2] 28 May 2020 = * Change : Load PublishPress Permissions [Free] code as a vendor library * Fixed : Teaser module - on some themes, enabling teaser redirect for unreadable posts also caused redirect on home / posts listing * Fixed : Contributors could not set Featured Image in post editor * Fixed : Status Control - With Classic Editor, "Publish button defaults to next workflow status" option did not stop post from defaulting to published status * Fixed : Permission Groups search returned only WP role group results, not any custom groups * Fixed : custom get_terms() call with fields=slugs caused a PHP Notice on front end * Compat : Elementor - Non-administrator could not edit draft with Elementor editor= [3.1.7] 13 May 2020 = * Compat : PublishPress Revisions - Authors were enabled to edit other users' drafts * Compat : PublishPress Revisions - Term-Specific Permissions for Revise operation were not correctly applied * Compat : WPML - Post Edit link was hidden or ineffective under some configurations * Compat : bbPress - Fatal error on front end under some permissions configurations * Compat : bbPress - Fatal error on topic / reply search under some permissions configurations * Fixed : Edit Permission Group screen - invalid Edit link displayed for currently stored Nav Menu Permissions * Fixed : Status Control - Fatal error with Classic Editor due to incorrect parameter count on preview_post_link filter= [3.1.6] 24 Apr 2020 = * Fixed : Fatal error on activation / update if PublishPress Pro, PublishPress Checklists Pro and PublishPress Authors Pro are not active= [3.1.5] 24 Apr 2020 = * Fixed: Fatal error in PublishPress Pro, PublishPress Checklists Pro or PublishPress Authors Pro if activated with Permissions Pro 3.1.4 already active= [3.1.4] 23 Apr 2020 = * Feature : Compatibility module - for BuddyPress, implement bp_create_groups capability * Feature : Compatibility module - for multisite, if constant PP_MULTISITE_ALLOW_UNFILTERED_HTML is defined, allow application of unfiltered_html capability even if user is not a Super Admin * Compat : PublishPress Revisions - Support suppression of Permissions metaboxes on Edit Revision screen * Compat : Nested Pages - Error on Nav Menu edit * Fixed : Statuses module - Locking default privacy caused a fatal error in the post editor for Administrators and Editors * Fixed : Statuses module - Default privacy locking did not correctly update the Gutenberg editor UI for non-Editors= [3.1.3] 4 Apr 2020 = * Fixed : Fatal error on some installations due to changes in vendor library= [3.1.2] 3 Apr 2020 = * Fixed : Status Control - for statuses with custom capabilities enabled, users with submission capabilities could also edit other user's posts of the same status * Fixed : Limited editors with editing permissions in limited categories lost access to new post when autosave assigned inaccessible default category * Fixed : Possible fatal error on Permissions screens on a small percentage of installations * Compat : Ubermenu - Enable Nav Menu filtering if Permissions > Settings > Core > Front End > Filter Menu Items is switched on * Compat : CMS Tree Page View - Suppress Pending Revisions and Scheduled Revisions from Page Tree View * Compat : Nested Pages - Suppress all filtering on Nested Pages listing, due to incompatible NP handling of filtered query results= [3.1.1] 26 Mar 2020 = * Fixed : Some informational captions for Pro functionality were applied for the wrong conditions * Fixed : Status Control - PHP Notice for undefined variable: status * Compat : PublishPress Revisions - Slider on Compare Pending Revisions screen did not work for non-Editors * API: New filter 'presspermit_workflow_button_label' allows those who cannot publish to see a custom label on the Pre-Publish button instead of "Workflow..."= [3.1] 16 Mar 2020 = * Change : Metaboxes in Post, Term editors recaptioned as "Permissions: Read this Page", "Permissions: Edit Posts in this Category" etc. * Change : Edit Group / User Permissions - Exceptions recaptioned as "Specific Permissions" * Change : Edit Group / User Permissions - "Also these / Not these / Only these" recaptioned as "Enable / Block / Limit to" * Change : Edit Group / User Permissions - Operation and Adjustment selection UI uses radio buttons (for new Specific Permissions) instead of dropdown select * Change : Edit Group / User Permissions - Operation, Adjustment and Qualification selections persist (for new Specific Permissions) until changed * Change : Edit Group / User Permissions - Minor styling improvements * Feature : Edit Group / User Permissions - Mirror currently stored Specific Permissions to another operation (new bulk edit action). Example: copy "Edit Page" restrictions as "Set as Parent" restrictions. * Fixed : Status Control module - Fatal error when clicking on the "Attach" button in the "Uploaded to" column on the Media Library listing * Fixed : Status Control module - Pre-publish button was captioned to "Workflow..." on Edit Post screen, but not Add New Post screen * Fixed : Non-editors with editing exceptions did not see Edit link on front end Admin Bar if Classic Editor plugin active with "Allow users to switch" setting disabled * Compat : Ubermenu - Intermittant failure to retrieve top level menu items broke front end rendering on some sites * Compat : WP Bakery Page Builder - Editing exceptions were not effective for users lacking role capabilities * Compat : PublishPress Revisions - If Collaborative Publishing module is not enabled, notify about need for it.= [3.0.2] 5 Mar 2020 = * Feature : Option to apply Publish exceptions separate from Edit exceptions (Permissions > Settings > Advanced > Permissions Admin). Previously available by constant definition. * Fixed : Statuses module activation caused Publish exceptions to be ineffective * Fixed : Import module - corrections to import of RS Category Restrictions on the Post Contributor, Post Author and Post Editor roles * Fixed : Import module - corrections to import of Page Associate Restrictions * Change : Import module - styling improvements= [3.0.1] 2 Mar 2020 = * Fixed : Featured Images were not properly attached to post if they have an alt text value * Fixed : Post editing exceptions did not grant post meta editing capabilities * Fixed : Publish capability was not credited from assigned exceptions in some scenarios * Compat : PublishPress Revisions 2.2.1 - if set to trigger save_post action on revision publication, do not execute normal Permissions action handlers * Compat : Divi Page Builder - Non-editors with page-specific editing exceptions could not use Divi editor * Compat : WPML - Error mirroring category/term exceptions to translations= [3.0] 20 Feb 2020 = * Feature : On activation, detect Role Scoper installation and offer to import it * Fixed : Javascript error when a published post is unpublished in the block editor * Fixed : Settings screen - dropdown select items sometimes failed to display current setting due to browser autocomplete * Fixed : Edit Permission Group - After new custom group creation, "back to groups list" linked to WP Roles list instead of Custom Groups * Fixed : Permission Groups screen - groups corresponding to deleted WordPress roles could not be deleted * Fixed : Post editor - Non-administrators with permission assign exceptions got no results from group / user search * Fixed : File Access module - Fatal error with Nginx configuration output enabled * Fixed : Status Control module - Privacy statuses were not selectable in block editor due to javascript error * Fixed : Status Control module - If custom capabilities are disabled for a status, supplemental roles already assigned for that status were treated as a standard statuses role assignment * Fixed : Status Control module - With Revisions enabled, "Prevent Revisors from editing other users' drafts" setting also prevented other non-Editors from editing posts of a custom workflow status that uses custom capabilities (also requires PP Revisions 2.1.9) * Fixed : Collaboration module - Stop filtering page parent dropdown needlessly for Administrators (caused invalid results and browser freeze under rare conditions) * Compat : File Access module + Peepso plugin - anonymous users could not view Peepso feed on front end * Compat : Divi Page Builder - Non-Editors could not edit new page after creating it * Compat : Divi Page Builder - Non-Editors could not enter Divi UI * Compat : Yoast SEO - Admin dashboard access generated two PHP warnings for database error under some configurations * Compat : WPML - Exceptions were not mirrored to post / category translations, even if Mirror setting enabled * Compat : WPML - With Permissions > Settings > Editing > WPML > "Mirror Post Exceptions to translations" enabled, exception assignment UI was not displayed in post editor for source post * Compat : WPML - With Permissions > Settings > Editing > WPML > "Mirror Term Exceptions to translations" enabled, exception assignment UI was not displayed in term editor for source term * Compat : WPML - With Permissions > Settings > Editing > WPML > "Mirror Post Exceptions to translations" enabled, Edit Group Permissions screen did not show selection UI for source language posts * Compat : Media Library Assistant - PP Permissions were not applied on Media Library thumbnail view or Select Media tab * Compat : Image Source Control - Newly uploaded featured image was not formally attached to post (also apply this compatibility fix if constant PRESSPERMIT_LIMIT_ASYNC_UPLOAD_FILTERING is defined) * Change : Admin menu ordering - If PublishPress Capabilities is active, display Permissions menu below Capabilities (both under Users) * Perf : Edit Page with Block Editor - Prevent needless core queries * Fixed : Edit Permissions screen styling: alignment of Add Roles / Exceptions tab borders= [2.9] 9 Jan 2020 = * Change : Renamed to PublishPress Permissions * Compat : PublishPress Capabilities Pro= [2.8.8] 23 Dec 2019 = * Compat : Themes that break Gutenberg by making meta boxes steal screen space from editor * Fixed : Featured images added by post editor were not formally attached to image * Fixed : Posts screen - Mine count was not filtered * Change : Posts screen - Don't default non-Editors to "Mine" view because we are filtering results for What You See Is What You Can Edit * Compat : Status Control + Classic Editor - PublishPress statuses were missing from dropdown if PressPermit Status Control module enabled but Permissions > Settings > Core > Filtered Post Types disabled * Fixed : Status Control - Giving an Author a Supplemental Editor role for a specific workflow status also made them an Editor for standard statuses * Fixed : Permissions > Post Statuses - Enabled post types for a specific status could not be customized if status capabilities were set to default * Fixed : Permissions > Post Statuses > Post Types - Remove misleading caption "Apply custom permissions for" because this controls status availability, not permissions filtering * Fixed : Permissions > Post Status > Capability Mapping - only offer statuses that have their own custom permissions enabled * Fixed : Status Control - Workflow branch statuses were not displayed in Gutenberg * Change : Status Control - By default, when post status is set to a workflow branch, don't hide non-branch statuses from the dropdown * Fixed : Sync Posts - User posts not created for users who are already the author of another post * Fixed : Sync Posts - On Settings screen, Post Match Field dropdown could have a duplicate "Post Title" item * Fixed : Teaser - PHP warning for undefined constant INT_MAX * Fixed : Avoid PHP warnings or unexpected behavior if a post is improperly stored with a zero ID= [2.8.7] 10 Dec 2019 = * Feature : Option to disable PublishPress branding (admin footer on PressPermit screens) * Fixed : WP Menu Management - Category Search did not work * Fixed : Edit Group Permissions - Category Search on "Add Exceptions" tab did not work * Fixed : Edit Group Permissions - When selecting groups for Group Exceptions assignment, redundant UI display (checkboxes for "All" tab not initially hidden) * Fixed : BuddyPress - Permission Group management permissions could not be assigned for selected BuddyPress Groups * Fixed : BuddyPress - Non-administrators could not edit a BuddyPress Permission Group without edit_users capability * Fixed : Teaser - login redirect did not work on some sites * Fixed : PressPermit Settings screen - fatal error on "Revert to Defaults" button click on single-site installations * Change : Accommodate larger search results set on Ajax user search * Compat : White Dot Theme - Exceptions metaboxes on Edit Post screen had broken layout, could not search for users / groups * Compat : TwentyTwenty theme modified alignment of PressPermit Settings columns * Compat : PublishPress Revisions - Revision Exceptions ("Also these" taxonomy assignments) were not applied correctly for Authors * Compat : WP Bakery Page Builder - Category editing exceptions also stripped categories out of the filter bar of the "Post Masonry Grid" element (with category filter enabled) * Compat : JReviews plugin - PHP warning due to 'the_posts' results array being set to null under some conditions= [2.8.6] 25 Nov 2019 = * Compat : PublishPress Revisions - Fatal error on Plugins screen when PublishPress Revisions 2.0.x is also active * Fixed : PHP Warning on page deletion (Trying to get property 'term_taxonomy_id' of non-object), with some configurations= [2.8.5] 21 Nov 2019 = * Compat : PublishPress Revisions - For email notification, Pending Revision Monitors group member assignments were not used as notification recipients= [2.8.4] 21 Nov 2019 = * Fixed : File Access module - One-time fatal error on plugin activation, file access rules not added to uploads/.htaccess * Fixed : Limiting Post Editing by Category or Term - newly created post uneditable to author if no category selected and explicit Category Assignment exceptions are either not set or set for more than one category * Compat : ACF - previews did not show unsaved changes * Compat : PublishPress Revisions - When non-Administrator edited an existing revision it became a regular pending post, under some configurations * Compat : Project Nami - Users could not be added to groups * Compat : Project Nami - Exceptions could not be removed= [2.8.3] 8 Nov 2019 = * Fixed : Updating a page while Page Parent selection is limited could cause the page to be moved to top level (since 2.8.1) * Compat : PubishPress Revisions - Save button captions on Edit Revision screen showed "Save Draft" instead of "Update Revision" (also requires PublishPress Revisions 2.0.13) * Fixed : PHP Notice on page previews with PublishPress Revisions active * Fixed : PHP Notice - trying to access property term_name on a non-object, under some configurations * Fixed : Custom get_terms() calls: some "fields" argument values were not supported= [2.8.2] 31 Oct 2019 = * Fixed : Page Parent storage in Gutenberg - page could be set to top level even if blocked by Exceptions or Permissions > Editing > Page Structure * Fixed : Edit Permissions screen - when selecting Media for Exception assignment, paging did not work in the Select Media metabox * Change : Edit Permissions screen - for Page / Category Association restrictions, available items now include "(no parent)" instead of "(none)" * Fixed : Edit Permissions screen - Page / Category Exceptions - fatal error on update if item "(none)" was selected with "sub-Items" checkbox selected * Compat : Public Post Preview plugin * Fixed : PHP Warning for undefined variable force_for_item_type= [2.8.1] 28 Oct 2019 = * Fixed : Page Parent dropdown in Gutenberg editor - pages out of order or omitted * Feature : Page Parent dropdown option: Permissions > Settings > Editing > Content Management > Order Page Parent dropdown by Title * Fixed : Teaser module - Redirect Page setting did not work * Feature : Teaser module - Redirect Page setting supports [login] * Compat : PublishPress Revisions - Support recaptioning of Preview button on Edit Revision screen * Compat : PublishPress Revisions - PHP warning for database error on Revision Queue screen under some permission configurations * Fixed : Supplemental Media Author role - uploader stuck on "Crunching" after uploading a file, could not open it until reloading Media Library * Fixed : Upload access adjusted by Exceptions or Circles was properly filtered in Media Library list view, but not thumbnail view * Fixed : Edit Permissions screen - Improper UI handling for editing existing exceptions if Apply button is clicked twice or without any items selected * Fixed : PublishPress header on plugin screen had no styling unless other PublishPress plugin active * Change : Support constant definitions to troubleshoot uploads/.htaccess generation * Change : Plugins screen - Put Settings link next to Activate / Deactivate (was in plugin description area)= [2.8] 2 Oct 2019 = * Compat : Multiple Authors 3 - Avoid Gutenberg whitescreen by disabling "Default Empty Author" option * Compat : PublishPress Revisions (Revisionary) 2.x - Revision Queue was not displayed to Revisors * Compat : PublishPress Revisions (Revisionary) 2.x - Setting to "Prevent Revisors from editing other users' drafts" was not applied * Compat : PublishPress Revisions (Revisionary) 2.x - pending or scheduled revisions were displayed in Page Parent dropdown if Revisionary deactivated * Compat : Revisionary - updates fail on Dashboard > Updates with Revisionary active * Fixed : Gutenberg Category selection - Authors and Contributors could not change category under some configurations * Fixed : Exceptions to adjust term assignment access were ineffective with Gutenberg editor * Fixed : Category / Term listing: after clicking Universal Exceptions link, category links led to edit screen for type-specific exceptions * Fixed : File Access module - On network-activated installations, file rules were not updated / cleared for all sites under some conditions * Fixed : PHP error on Permissions > Role Usage when "Display Administrative Hints" enabled * Fixed : PHP notice when Term Exceptions are assigned to enable access (adjustment mode "Also these") * Fixed : PHP notice for undefined variable last_parent on Edit Post screen * Fixed : PHP notice for string conversion from array * Fixed : On initial installation, admin notice to "replace the PressPermit plugin with Press Permit Pro" was displayed * Change : On Permissions > Groups list, change "Group" filter link to "Custom Group" * Change : Added PublishPress footer to plugin screens * Change : Settings screen - improved styling and refresh behavior for License Key, Version status * Change : On Post / Term Edit screen, display Membership module activation suggestion only for first exceptions metabox (Read)= [2.7.28] 13 Sep 2019 = * Fixed : Exceptions assigned for "All" post types and "Only these" categories blocked access to all categories= [2.7.27] 11 Sep 2019 = * Fixed : Fatal error if Revisionary 1.x active (since 2.7.26) * Fixed : White screen on Gutenberg post edit by non-Administrator, if PressPermit filtering enabled for post type (since 2.7.26) * Fixed : File Access module - Term assignments did not enable reading access to files attached to a trashed post (requires constant definition PP_ALL_ANON_FULL_EXCEPTIONS)= [2.7.26] 9 Sep 2019 = * Compat : Revisionary Pro, Revisionary 1.5 * Fixed : File Access module - fatal error on multisite installations * Fixed : File Access - access to public attachments was blocked if Media not enabled in Permissions > Settings > Core > Filtered Post Types * Fixed : File Access - Reading Exceptions to enable the {All} / {Anonymous} role could not be set * Fixed : File Access, Import module - when network-activated, avoid unexpected behavior by restoring previous site switching behavior for various administrative tasks * Fixed : Fatal error if Revisionary 1.2.x (releases older than March 2019) active= [2.7.25] 29 Aug 2019 - * Fixed : File Access module - fatal error / rule flush failure on a network installation where PressPermit Pro is not network-activated * Change : Work around unexplained class loading error on early user_has_cap filtering with CAS integration * Fixed : Teaser module - PHP warning for missing argument in found_posts filter application with BeaverBuilder, other plugins * Compat : Beaver Builder - support edit capabilities in place of read capability for front end editing (requires Compatibility Pack module) * Fixed : Collaborative Publishing module - Exceptions for Category Management and Category Association could not be set on Edit Category screen= [2.7.24] 21 Aug 2019 = * Fixed : Teaser was not applied for unauthorized access to unattached file uploads when "unattached uploads private" setting is enabled * Fixed : Teaser was not applied for direct file access attempts * Fixed : Teaser - PHP Notice when teaser is applied for media that is attached to a private post * Fixed : File Access module - Fatal error on unauthorized access attempt to Media when teaser is enabled * Fixed : File Access - PHP notices when accessing a media item that is attached to a post with an unregistered status * Fixed : File Access - PHP notices if the post which media was attached to has been deleted * Fixed : File Access - Media attached to draft, pending and trashed posts was not protected * Fixed : File Access - Using Gutenberg editor to update post status to or from private did not update attached file access accordingly * Fixed : Edit Post screen showed "Upgrade to Pro" prompt if Collaborative Publishing module inactive * Fixed : If get_pages() was called with depth, child_of, and exclude_tree arguments, some pages were not properly excluded * Fixed : Conflict with Multiple Authors Pro (file inclusion for shared vendor classes) * Fixed : PHP Notices for undefined variable if get_pages() or wp_list_pages() is called with hide_empty argument= [2.7.23] - 8 Aug 2019 = * Fixed : Categories were improperly filtered when queried within a shortcode, and in other cases where get_terms() was already previously called * Fixed : Conflict with TagDiv Cloud Library plugin (Newspaper Theme) and others that use a non-standard REST handler structure * Fixed : Gutenberg - If a user is blocked from reading posts in a category, they could not assign the category either (since 2.7.22) * Fixed : Gutenberg - If a user is blocked from reading posts in a category, a PHP error was generated when they edit a post in that category * Fixed : Gutenberg - Improvements to REST term filtering= [2.7.22] 5 Aug 2019 = * Fixed : UI duplication on Add New User screen if custom permission groups are defined * Fixed : Categories were improperly filtered if get_terms() was already previously called= [2.7.21] 5 Aug 2019 = * Fixed : Add New User screen was missing Permission Groups selection UI * Change : Allow File Filtering on installations with a custom uploads folder location outside wp-content path * Compat : Fatal Error on installations that have users authenticated via CAS using WP Cassify plugin= [2.7.20] 23 Jul 2019 = * Fixed : Revisionary - Admin Bar "Edit Page" link was not displayed based on revision submission permissions * Fixed : Revisionary - PHP Notice "Undefined variable: item_type" under some configurations * Change : When a page is edited by a user who cannot set page parent to top level, don't re-caption page parent option from "(no parent)" to "(select)" if page is already top level * Fixed : If a top level page was edited by a user who cannot set parent to top level, the page parent setting was automatically changed * Change : On a fresh install (with no previous Press Permit Core activation), enable only a subset of modules by default (Collaborative Publishing, Compatibility, Status Control, Sync Posts)= [2.7.19] 18 Jul 2019 = * Fixed : bbPress - Fatal error on front-end search by non-Adminstrator= [2.7.18] 17 Jul 2019 = * Fixed : Supplemental Media Editor role also granted Post Editor capabilities if Permissions > Settings > Core > Filtered Post Types > "Enforce distinct edit, delete capability requirements for Media" not enabled * Fixed : Revisionary - Fatal error if logged user has a category-based editing exception * Fixed : Revisionary - Pending Revision submission failure under some configurations * Fixed : Teaser Module - Fatal error on front end if Nav Menu includes a category or term * Fixed : Custom post types - exceptions restricting parent dropdown removed too many options, under some configurations= [2.7.17] 11 Jul 2019 = * Fixed : Users lacking read capability were blocked from viewing public posts (now apply this requirement only if constant PRESSPERMIT_STRICT_READ_CAP is defined) * Fixed : API - undefined function pp_get_groups_for_user= [2.7.16] 10 Jul 2019 = * Fixed : Gutenberg - when Media was enabled as a Filtered Post Type, non-Administrators could not view attachments in the post editor unless they had a supplemental Media Author / Editor role * Fixed : Gutenberg - when Page Parent selection is restricted, available pages were wrongly excluded if their parent was not selectable * Fixed : Classic Editor - when Page Parent selection is restricted for a custom post type, available pages were wrongly excluded if their parent was not selectable * Fixed : File Access - fatal error when File Attachments utility was selected in Permissions > Settings > File Access * Fixed : Error for undefined method isNetworkActivated under some configurations * Fixed : Notice for undefined variables last_siteroles_hash, siteroles_hash * Fixed : Notice for undefined constant PRESSPERMIT_COMPAT_VERSION if Collaborative Publishing module enabled without Compatibility Pack * Change : If constant PRESSPERMIT_MEDIA_IGNORE_UNREGISTERED_PARENT_TYPES defined, Media Library filtering treats media attached to a post of unregistered type as unattached= [2.7.15] 8 Jul 2019 = * Fixed : Group roles were not applied under some configurations * Fixed : Gutenberg - Page Parent dropdown options were not expanded to include private, unpublished pages * Perf : Eliminated redundant role retrieval queries, processing * Change : On migration from Press Permit Core, always enable Compatibility Pack module= [2.7.14] 5 Jul 2019 = * Fixed : Fatal error on front end if Nav Menu includes a Category * Fixed : Eyes Only User Access Shortcode plugin - Fatal error on Edit Page screen * Fixed : Some stored exceptions were not shown on Edit Permissions screen, under some conditions * Fixed : Fatal error if File Access module enabled while old PP File URL Filter plugin still active * Fixed : Gutenberg Page Parent dropdown options overly restricted if Read Page exceptions stored= [2.7.13] 5 Jul 2019 = * Fixed : Eyes Only User Access Shortcode plugin - Fatal error on activation= [2.7.12] 4 Jul 2019 = * Fixed : Page Association (parent) restrictions were not applied in Gutenberg editor * Fixed : Status Control module - Javascript errors on Gutenberg edit screen for Pages and other hierarchical post types * Fixed : Error loading language files on non-English sites= [2.7.11] 2 Jul 2019 = * Feature : If Pending Review status label is customized, apply it within Posts listing rows * Fixed : Customized post status labels were not applied to Pending or Approved status * Fixed : Relevanssi plugin compat - Fatal error on front end search * Fixed : Add Author Page requests from Users listing failed * Fixed : API - Error creating a new custom Permission Group via API function call * Fixed : Nginx custom file access implementations - Fatal error if File Access module enabled and PP_NGINX_CFG_PATH constant defined= [2.7.10] 2 Jul 2019 = * Fixed : With Classic Editor, fatal error on Edit Post screen if Permissions > Settings > Editing > Limited Editing Elements set with any IDs= [2.7.9] 1 Jul 2019 = * Fixed : WooCommerce - PHP warning on front end in store * Fixed : Import Module - Some Role Scoper Options (Filtered Types, Filtered Taxonomies, Default Privacy, Teaser options) were not imported= [2.7.8] 1 Jul 2019 = * Fixed : Custom privacy status capabilities were not correctly required or applied for read access (basic read_private capabilities applied instead) * Fixed : Fatal error for non-Administrators attempting to edit a post, under some configurations= [2.7.7] 28 Jun 2019 = * Fixed : Fatal error accessing PublishPress > Settings > Statuses screen= [2.7.6] 27 Jun 2019 = * Fixed : Could not add Manage Group exceptions on Edit Group Permissions / Edit User Permissions screen * Fixed : PHP warnings in wp-admin on non-English installations if PHP open_basedir restrictions enabled on server * Fixed : PHP warning for undefined variable post_blockage_clause, under some configurations= [2.7.5] 27 Jun 2019 = * Fixed : Fatal error on activation if PP File URL Filter plugin was left active, or if Press Permit Core was deactivated prior to PP File URL Filter= [2.7.4] 26 Jun 2019 = * Fixed : Fatal error on Plugins screen on some sites= [2.7.3] 26 Jun 2019 = * Fixed : Permissions > Install > Help - configuration data upload failed= [2.7.2] 26 Jun 2019 = * Fixed : Import module was not correctly disabled by default on sites that had never installed PP Pro Extensions * Fixed : Import module caused fatal error on Permissions > Settings on sites that had a previous Role Scoper installation * Fixed : Role Scoper import failed with a fatal error= [2.7.1] 25 Jun 2019 = * Compat : PHP 5.6.x and some PHP 7.x configurations did not tolerate private subclass constructor, threw fatal error on Permissions > Statuses and Permissions > Role Usage * Fixed : Notice for undefined variable under when not logged in under some plugin configurations= [2.7] 21 Jun 2019 = * Change : This plugin replaces Press Permit Core and all PP extensions * Change : Improved code structure using PHP namespaces * Compat : Renamed functions, classes, globals, constants, page slugs and hooks (with back compat) to avoid conflicts with other packages * Compat : PublishPress Custom Statuses * Feature : Custom Privacy statuses, default/lock privacy settings implemented in Gutenberg editor * Feature : On PressPermit Settings update, return to previous tab * Fixed : Secondary query_posts() calls blocked results inappropriately under some configurations, due to redundant filtering of the terms query * Fixed : Term restrictions applied for "all post types" could not be overridden by exceptions on a different taxonomy * Perf : Redundant filtering of terms query within WP_Query calls * Change : CSS improvements in Permissions > Settings= [2.6.1] 22 Feb 2019 = * Fixed : PHP Notice on Plugins > Add New= [2.6] 21 Feb 2019 = * Compat : WP 5.0 - extension change logs were not displayed * Fixed : Extension updates on wp-admin Plugins screen did not launch in iframe * Change : Update copyrights, contributors for PublishPress ownership * Change : Purchase / renewal prompt captions and styling * Change : Update support links and captions for help ticket infrastructure * Change : Minimum WordPress version 4.7

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