The PublishPress Series plugin provides two widgets you can use to display your series:

  • Series Table of Contents
  • Latest Series

In this guide, we'll show you how to use the Series Table of Contents widget. This image shows the widget with many features enabled:

Widget Display
Widget Display

Series Table of Contents Widget #

This widget has many features and it will take us several screenshots to cover them all:

  • Title: Enter what you want to appear as the title of this section in the sidebar.
  • Show Series Table of Content: This allows to hide the widget without removing it.
  • Dropdown/List: This controls how the items in the series will appear on your site.
  • Show Post Count: If checked, the number of posts in the series will be located next to each series title in the list.
  • Hide Empty Series: If checked, any series that doesn't have any posts associated with it yet will not be included in the list.
  • Order by: This allows you to choose how the series are ordered.
  • Order: This expands on the previous setting. For example, if you chose “name”, you can now choose “Descending” to sort the posts from A to Z.
Series Widget
Series Widget
  • Exclude series: You can choose to hide some series from this widget.
  • Include series: You can actively include only the series you chose here.
  • Number of Series: You can define how many series will appear.
  • Offset: This follows on from the previous setting. If you choose 2, the first two series in order will not be displayed.
Series Widget 2
Series Widget 2
  • Show other posts in the current series: If checked, when you are on a single post page that is part of a series a list of other posts in that series will display in the widget.
  • Series: This will show specific posts from a series that you select.
  • Series widget title: This follows on from the previous settings and is the title shown above posts in the selected series.
Series Widget 3
Series Widget 3