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What is the Future status in WordPress?

“Future” is one of eight post statuses available in WordPress. A post in the Future status is not published yet, but is scheduled to be published in a future date. For this reason, you'll often see the word “Scheduled” used for this status.

  • To use the Future status, look for the “Publish” box when you're editing a post.
  • Click the “Immediately” link.
Publish Immediately
Publish Immediately
  • Choose a date that is ahead of today's date:
Future Publish 1
Future Publish 1
  • You'll see that the “Publish” button has now changed to “Schedule”:
Schedule Future
Schedule Future

Which users can access Posts in the Future status?

By default, any user that can create content can see Posts in the Future / Scheduled status. This means that Contributors, Authors, Editors and Administrators can all move posts to the Future status.

Users in the Subscriber role have no access to the “Posts” screen so can not see these posts.

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