PublishPress Series allows you to collect WordPress content together into a series. This is ideal for magazines, newspapers, short-story writers, teachers, comic artists, or anyone who writes multiple posts on the same topic.

This image below shows a post using PublishPress Series, with many of the most important features enabled:

  • This entry is part 3 of 3: This helps readers locate the post in your series.
  • Series Navigation: This provides previous and next links.
  • List of posts: This shows a list of all the post in the series, together with a relevant image.
Series Overview
Series Overview

You can them combine your posts into series that users can browse. PublishPress Series offers great flexibility in how you display and organize your series.

Groups Overview
Groups Overview

PublishPress Series takes the hassle out of managing the series posts and you can just focus on writing. Here are some of the key advantages of using PublishPress Series:

  • PublishPress Series takes the work out of organizing series with random taxonomy plugins.
  • Your readers can more easily follow along and navigate your serial content.
  • You can build anticipation for upcoming content in your series.
  • You gain SEO benefits of spreading your content over multiple posts linked together contextually.