Migrating from Role Scoper to PressPermit Pro

The Role Scoper plugin is no longer supported.

The ideal migration path from Role Scoper is to PressPermit Pro.

Getting Advice Before You Migrate

We have written a plugin to give you advice about migrating from Role Scoper. Click here to download the migration plugin.

  • Install this plugin on a site with Role Scoper installed.
  • After installing the migation plugin, you will see a “RS Migration” link in the WordPress admin menu.
  • The migration plugin will analyze your site and tell you which features can be migrated to PressPermit Pro:

Migating to PressPermit Pro

  • Install PressPermit Pro.
  • Got to Permisisons > Settings.
  • Check the “Import” box and click “Save Changes”.
  • Click the “Import” tab.
  • Click “Do Import”.
  • Role Scoper will show the results of your import.

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