The PublishPress Future plugin allows you to schedule automatic changes to posts, pages and other content types including WooCommerce products.

To enable this feature follow these steps:

  • Go to Future > Post Types.
  • Check the “Active” box in the “Product” area.
  • Click “Save Changes”.
PublishPress Future and WooCommerce products

After you enable the PublishPress Future setting for WooCommerce products, you will see the “PublishPress Future” option in the right sidebar when editing a product. You can see the “PublishPress Future” metabox in the screenshot below.

PublishPress Future and future actions for WooCommerce products

The “PublishPress Future” setting will also be available for the Quick Edit and Bulk Edit features in WooCommerce. You can see the “Quick Edit” option for PublishPress Future in the screenshot below:

PublishPress Future and Quick Edit for WooCommerce products