Submit a PublishPress Translation to

We really appreciate everyone who translates the PublishPress plugins.

You are welcome to email us your translations. We'll give 1 year of free membership!

But the absolute best way to help is to submit your language strings to That is the best place to make them easily available for other users. Those users may also help improve your language files.

  • Choose “Plugins” at the top of the page.
  • Search for PublishPress with the search box.
  • Click “Translate Project”.
  • Choose to translate the “Stable” version:
  • Choose a string you'd like to translate, and press Details on the right.
  • The Details link will open something similar to the image below. Simply type in your translation and press the button labeled Suggest new translation.

Your strings will be saved and sent to an official translator for approval.

You can also export a copy of all the strings and run them through a translation tool such as Poedit. Scroll to the bottom of the page for that feature:

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