How Email Notifications Work in Revisionary

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Email notifications in Revisionary are not yet integrated with the main PublishPress notifications

Revisionary has it’s own notification system that can send out emails like the one below. The link in the email will take you directly to the Revision Manager screen.

Settings for the Revisionary Emails

Go to Settings > Revisionary and you’ll see options for these Revisionary emails:

Troubleshooting Revisionary Emails

Sometimes,Revisionary users report that that not receiving email notifications.

If you’re having a problem with notifications, we recommend that you install the Email Log plugin. This plugin will keep a record of all the emails sent from your WordPress site, including any from Revisionary.

Email Log will tell you if Revisionary emails are being sent correctly:

  • If Revisionary emails are being sent, you have an email delivery problem. Check your spam filters or email firewalls.
  • If Revisionary emails are not being sent, you may have a bug. Contact our support team.

Please make sure that your site’s timezone is correct so you get emails when expected.

  • Go to Settings > General.
  • Check the “Timezone” is set correctly.

Future Plans

In early 2019, we’re aiming to release “Revisionary Pro” which will have additional features, including custom notifications:

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