PublishPress Revisions Pro and Beaver Builder

PublishPress Revisions Pro has support for the Beaver Builder plugin.

Who can use PublishPress Revisions and Beaver Builder?

Currently, Beaver Builder support is available for these users.

  • Users in the “Revisor” role who are editing published content.
  • Users in the “Contributor” role who are editing their own published content.
  • Any other users whose roles have been edited to have the “Edit Others Posts” permissions, but not the “Edit Published Posts” permission.

If you want to control these permissions, we recommend Capability Manager Enhanced.

How to Use PublishPress Revisions and Beaver Builder

  • Find a published post that was created with Beaver Builder.
  • The user will see a “Submit Revision” button in the toolbar.

After the revision has been submitted, you’ll see this frontend toolbar:

If you click “Compare”, you’ll be able to directly compare the current post with the pending revision.

Things to know about Beaver Builder support

Beaver Builder support is currently just for “Pending Revision” submission by limited editors.

Beaver Builder doesn’t have a post date option in it’s interface, so PublishPress Revisions currently can not create scheduled revisions.

Unlike with default WordPress, PublishPress Revisions currently does not have a “Pending Revision” checkbox for Administratrs, Editors and Authors.

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