Control Access to the Notifications Area

It is possible to control who can access the “Notifications” area of PublishPress Planner and create new notifications.

Notifications is implemented as a custom post type. This means that permissions for Notifications are similar to permissions for Posts and Pages.

  • Install the PublishPress Capabilities plugin.
  • Go to the “Capabilities” link in your WordPress admin menu.
  • In the “Type-Specific Capabilities” box, check “Notifications”.
  • Click “Update”.
  • Use the “Select Role to View / Edit” box to choose the role you want to edit.
  • In the center of the screen, you can now use the “Edit” column to control access to the “Notifications”.

Now when a user in the Subscriber role visits the Notifications screen, they will see the “Add New” button to create new Notifications.

Create New Notifications
Create New Notifications