Options for Teasers for Restricted Content

In another tutorial, we showed how to create a teaser for restricted content with PublishPress Permissions Pro. That basic guide is worth reading before you dive into these more advanced options.

In this tutorial, we'll show you all the configuration options for your Teasers.

You will find these settings by going to Permissions > Teaser in your WordPress admin menu.

The Teaser Type Tab #

You have four choices for teasers. These will show when users try to access restricted content that they are not allowed to access.

  • No Teaser: This keeps the default WordPress behavior. Your site will pretend that this content does not exist. All visitors will see is a “Nothing Found” message. They won't even see the URL of the post in their browser bar.
  • Configured Teaser Text: This will show the post title and the contents of the “Teaser Text” tab.
  • Excerpt as Teaser: This will show the post title and the message that in the post's “Excerpt” box. If the Excerpt does not exist for post, visitors will see the contents of the “Teaser Text” tab.
  • Excerpt or First X Characters: This will show the post title and the message that in the post's “Excerpt” box. If the Excerpt is empty, it will then look to show any content before the “Read More” line in your text. If neither exists for the post, the first 50 characters are displayed.
Teaser Choices

The Coverage tab #

This tab is only useful if you have enabled a teaser in the “Teaser Type” area. These settings allow to co configure which views, link types and visibility statuses the teaser is applied to.

  • Teaser Application: Should the Teaser apply only when accessing the post directly, or also in the blog / list view?
  • Private Posts: Should the Teaser apply to posts that are restricted using the “Private” feature or custom visibility statuses?
  • Nav Menu Links: Should the posts with a Teaser be linked to from site menus?

The Teaser Text tab #

This tab allows you to replace post content with custom text, possibly including an inline login form. You can also add text before or after the post title and excerpt.

There are two main areas on this screen: “Teaser Text for Anonymous Visitors” and “Teaser Text for Logged In Users”.

The Redirect tab #

PublishPress Permissions Pro allows you to redirect users who try to visit content that that they do have permission to view. Click here for details on using the Redirect tab.

The Options tab #

By default, PublishPress Permissions will automatically hide the “Featured Image” for posts that users are now allowed to access. You can make the image visible by unchecking this box:

WordPress automatically produces RSS feeds for all your content. It's not always true that RSS feeds have the same permissions as your content, so some of it may accidentally become visible. With this feature, you can control what displays in your RSS feed for private content.

Rss Block