Differences Between Checklists Free and Pro

There is a Free version and a Pro version of PublishPress Checklists. This table has an overview of the different features in each version:

Checklists Free

Checklists Pro

Create your own checklists
Add custom requirements
Control the number of characters in the title
Control the number of words in the body
Control the number of Tags or Categories
Control the number of custom taxonomy terms
Control the number of characters in the excerpt
Decide the number of internal links in the body
Decide the number of external links in the body
Make sure that all links use a valid format
Require a featured image
Require ALT text for all images
Control the characters in the permalink
Require that posts are approved by users in a specific role
Require that posts pass Yoast SEO checks
Choose Recommended or Required
Feedback before publishing
Control height and width for featured images
Checklists for WooCommerce products
Pro version downloads and updates
Remove PublishPress ads and branding
Priority, personal support

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