Create Checklists for WooCommerce Products

One of the features of PublishPress Checklists Pro is support for WooCommerce products.

Here's how to add pre-publishing checklists for WooCommerce products.

  • Install the Pro version of PublishPress Checklists.
  • Go to Checklists > Settings in the WordPress admin menu.
  • PublishPress Checklists does not appear on WooCommerce by default. You need to select the “Products” post type for use with the Checklist:
  • Go to Checklists in the WordPress admin menu.
  • Click the “Products” tab.

In the center column, you can choose a specific action for each requirement:

  • Disabled
  • Recommended: show only in the sidebar
  • Recommended: show in the sidebar and before publishing
  • Required

All the requirements are disabled by default. You can select only the requirements you need. There are 18 requirements you can choose:

  1. Number of characters in the title
  2. Number of words in Excerpt
  3. Number of internal link in content
  4. Number of external link in content
  5. All links use valid format
  6. Alt text for images
  7. Latin character in permalink
  8. Approved by a user in this role
  9. Featured image height
  10. Number of Product categories
  11. Number of Product tags
  12. Number of words
  13. Number of Gift cart categories
  14. Featured image width
  15. Check the “Virtual” box
  16. Check the “Downloadable” box
  17. Enter a “Regular price”
  18. Enter a “Sale price”
  19. Schedule the “Sale price”
  20. Discount for the “Sale price”
  21. Enter a “SKU”
  22. Check the “Manage stock?” box
  23. Check the “Sold individually” box
  24. Check the “Allow backorders?” box
  25. Select some products for “Upsells”
  26. Select some products for “Cross-sells”
  27. Product image

When you go to create a WooCommerce product, you will now see the checklist in the right sidebar: