What is the moderate_comments permission in WordPress? #

The moderate_comments capability in WordPress allows you to moderate comments from the Comments Screen. You can use the Approve, Reply, Edit and other features for comments.

One thing to note is that you do also need the edit_posts capability because that allows you access to the “Comments” screen. The moderate_comments capability controls access to the links in this image below:

Moderate Comments Links
Moderate Comments Links

A secondary feature of this permission is that your comments are published automatically. If you do not have the moderate_comments capability, you will see this message after posting a comment: “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” If you do have the the moderate_comments capability, your comments will be published automatically.


Who has the moderate_comments permission? #

The moderate_comments permission is available on single WordPress sites and on multisite networks.

By default, the moderate_comments permission is only given to Super Admins, Administrators and Editors.

Users not in these roles will not have their comments published automatically.

How to control who has the moderate_comments permission #

You can control who has the moderate_comments permission by installing the PublishPress Capabilities plugin.

  • After installing PublishPress Capabilities, go to “Capabilities” in your WordPress admin menu.
  • Using the dropdown in the top-left corner, choose the role you want to edit.
  • Click the “Comments” tab.
  • Check the box “moderate comments”.
  • Click “Save Changes”.