If you run a WordPress website which allows users to log in, you probably spend a lot of time answer accounting questions or solving website bugs for your users.

The “User Testing” feature in the PublishPress Capabilities plugin allows you to browse our site and see exactly what the user sees. You can test the user's account without resetting their password.

To use this feature, you must be logged in as an Administrator. On the “Users” screen, you'll see a “Test this user” link under each user. In the screenshot below, clicking the link will allow me to test the site as a user in the Author role.

Test this user feature in PublishPress Capabilities

After clicking the “Test this user” link, you will be able to browse the site as that user. In the admin area, there will be a User Testing reminder notice on the top of the site, showing you which user role you are testing. That notice has a “Return to Administrator view” link and so does the profile dropdown menu in the top-right corner.

Admin area Return to Administrator view feature in PublishPress Capabilities

On the front of the site, you'll also a similar notice in the footer area of your site content.

User Testing toolbar link in PublishPress Capabilities

Both the User Testing notices and the admin bar notifications can be enabled or disabled in the “Settings” area of PublishPress Capabilities.

User Testing in PublishPress Capabilities

Who Can Use the User Testing Feature? #

By default, only users in the Administrator role can access the User Testing feature. If you want to grant access to other users, give them the “manage capabilities” capability.

This screenshot below shows the “Capabilities” screen in PublishPress Capabilities. We are giving users in the “Editor” role access to the User Testing feature.

User Testing Feature access