How to Customize Author Pages

It is possible to modify the author pages provided by PublishPress Authors.

Finding the default author pages templates

For users of the Free version, templates you can modify are in the /wp-content/plugins/publishpress-authors/src/templates/parts/ folder. There are two default templates:

  • author-pages-grid.php
  • author-pages-list.php

Users of the Pro version will find the templates in /wp-content/plugins/publishpress-authors-pro/vendor/publishpress/publishpress-authors/src/templates/parts/

Modifying the default author pages templates

To modify the design of your author pages, you should copy the default files and place them inside a /publishpress-authors/ folder in your theme's folder.

Here's an example, showing how to modify the “Grid” layout:

  • Find and copy this file:


  • Place your modified copy of this file in this location:


Please note that this exact folder structure may not exist. You will probably need to create this folder inside your theme: /publishpress-authors/templates/

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