Changelogs for PublishPress Planner

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You can find the changelog for the Pro version below:

= [3.10.1] - 02 Dec 2022 =

* Fixed: Fatal Error caused by 3.10.0 update, #1204

= [3.10.0] - 01 Dec 2022 =

* Update: Rename the plugin to "PublishPress Planner", #1077
* Update: Add Metadata top level menu link, #666
* Update: Add a Dropdown Select type to metadata, #564
* Update: Show and Add metadata on the Calendar, #284
* Update: Add Role filter for editorial metadata of User type, #801
* Update: Allow to choose post type where the metadata is displayed, #464
* Update: Notification threshold description, #1179
* Fixed: "User" metadata metabox doesn\'t scale well, #563
* Fixed: New Slack integration doesn\'t support private channels, #1065
* Update: A setting to change the name showing in editorial comments, #1162
* Fixed: Rating stars in PublishPress footer are unevenly spaced, #1150
* Update: PublishPress-PRO ES-FR-IT Translation Updates November 4, 2022, #1164
* Update: PublishPress-FREE-TranslationUpdates_FR-IT_November3_2022, #1163

= [3.9.0] - 3 Nov 2022 =

* Update: Add Editorial Comments menu, #319
* Update: Add file upload option to Editorial Comments, #757
* Fixed: Notification User Role Keeps Reverting, #1136
* Fixed: No Save Button on Editorial Comment Setting, #1134
* Fixed: Error on console when accessing Widget, #1135
* Fixed: Fatal error preventing user update, #1152
* Fixed: Editorial Notifications channel not updating when user is updated, #1151
* Fixed: PHP Notice: Undefined property warning on notification add/edit screen, #1147
* Fixed: Add editorial comments metabox priority filter, #1084
* Fixed: Extra "General" heading in "Slack" and "Reminders", #1122
* Fixed: Publishpress-v3.8.4-ES-FR-IT_TranslationUpdate-5_October2022, #1133
* Fixed: Press-ES-FR-IT-Translation-Update-September2022, #1124

= [3.8.4] - 3 Oct 2022 =

* Changed: Removed Twig dependency, refactoring the views for using plain PHP templates, #1125;

= [3.8.3] - 8 Sep 2022 =

* Fixed: Custom Status Conflict – PublishPress, #1105
* Update: Show Content Overview Post Types Content Together, #1062
* Update: Change to Content Overview "Start Date" and "End Date" filter, #1064
* Update: Update to Settings tabs #443
* Update: Publishpress-ES-FR-IT-translation-update_August2022, #1104

= [3.8.2] - 17 Aug 2022 =

* Update: Sticky filters on the Calendar, #1088
* Update: Allow users to choose whether or not to show the whole page title, #1089
* Fixed: Double slug on hierarchical page when in draft mode, #1087
* Fixed: Metadata box shows errors if there are no fields, #1085
* Fixed: Problem with html characters on calendar, #1037
* Fixed: Metadata filters don\'t work on Content Overview, #1070
* Fixed: Fix calendar time picker time picker, #914
* Update: Stop loading assets on non-PublishPress /wp-admin/ pages, #330

= [3.8.1] - 7 Jun 2022 =

* Fixed: Uncaught Error: syntax error, unexpected \')\' in lower php version, #1071

= [3.8.0] - 6 Jun 2022 =

* Update: Allow mentioning Slack users using the username instead of requiring the user IDs, #1045
* Update: Added new token {{!everyone}} {{!here}} and {{!subteam^abcde123456}} to enable “Everyone” , “Here” and “User group” mention in notification, #1044
* Fixed: Slack notifications referencing slack users by raw member IDs stopped working after v3.7.1, #1042
* Update: Improve content overview date filter, #969;
* Update: Move content overview from general settings to it own tab, #971;
* Added: Add support for more taxonomies in content overview screen, #970;
* Added: Add metadata filter option to content overview screen, #935;
* Fixed: Fix all users showing in dropdow on calendar and content overview screen, #1035;
* Fixed: Fix status permissions on calendar, #1038;
* Added: Add publishpress-instance-protection package, #1034;

= [3.7.2] - 24 may 2022 =

* Fixed: Can\'t send notifications to different Slack channels, or to Slack users. Refactored the Slack integration to use OAuth token in the API instead of the incoming webhook URL. Requires re-authenticating to Slack, #1040;
* Added: Add mew filter before sending Slack messages, "publishpress_slack_message_channel";
* Changed: Deprecated filter "publishpress_slack_actions", replaced by "publishpress_slack_message_actions";
* Changed: Deprecated filter "publishpress_slack_text", replaced by "publishpress_slack_message_text";

= [3.7.1] - 21 apr 2022 =

* Fixed: Fix performance, removing automatic deactivation of Edit Flow, replacing it by a simple admin notice, #998;
* Fixed: Fix PHP error on customizer, due to a inline JS script added by mistake out of the head tag, #562;
* Fixed: Fix drag and drop of pending posts, #1015;
* Fixed: Fix integration with The Events Calendar for moving events in the calendar, #1016;
* Fixed: Updated POT file, pt_BR, es_ES, fr_FR and it_IT translations;
* Fixed: Fix warning about WP_User_Query being called with an argument that is deprecated, #1014;
* Fixed: Fix conflict with The Events Calendar query, forcing to display event items in the calendar based on the post_date, #1020;
* Fixed: Removed duplicated `event` param from the workflow action;
* Fixed: Change the action used to trigger post status transition notifications, from `transition_post_status` to `wp_after_insert_post`, #940, #671;
* Fixed: Fix the nonce check for the bulk actions on the notifications log, #1019;
* Fixed: Fix performance issue with file i/o usage when trying to disable deprecated plugins on every request, #808;
* Fixed: Fix fatal error on Slack settings tab, #1008;
* Added: Add debug option for Slack messages in the settings panel, #1007;
* Added: Add a search box to content overview screen #972;
* Added: Add filter "publishpress_calendar_data_args" allowing to customize the query of posts on the calendar, #1017;
* Added: Add select field for the custom fields API to the calendar popup, #1010;
* Changed: Remove the deprecated settings field: slack username, slack channel. Those information are automatically set when you create a new webhook URL;
* Changed: Updated the Slack API integration and webhook URL management, removing legacy config fields;

= [3.7.0] - 02 fev 2022 =

* Fixed: Fix the admin menu Debug Log that was not being displayed, #992;
* Fixed: Fix the fatal error while exporting the calendar as ICS file, #994;
* Fixed: Fix the post type filter in the calendar, #995;
* Fixed: Fix fatal error: [Unknown column \'following_users\' in \'where clause\'], #982;
* Fixed: Fix drag and drop of custom statuses for reordering, #986;
* Fixed: Fix the time displayed in the calendar items on Safari, #1001;
* Fixed: Fix moving items and date navigation on the calendar in Safari, #1002;
* Fixed: Fix input sanitization in all the modules, HTML and SQL scaping in all the plugin;
* Fixed: Fix an unopened script HTML tag in the editorial metadata module;
* Fixed: Fix metadata in the notifications body for new posts, #574;
* Fixed: Added better feedback on errors while ordering statuses in the admin;
* Fixed: Fix the debug button to only display it for those who has permissions. The debug info were still safe, but the button was displayed, #993;
* Fixed: Improved capability check on diverse functions and modules;
* Fixed: Only load admin assets and the admin menu action if the user has permission for seeing that;
* Fixed: Added nonce check for missed places;
* Fixed: Added cache to the user, author and category searchs in the content_overview module;
* Fixed: Fix the capability check for the configure button on editorial metadata metabox. It was only looking for the capability manage_options, which is customizable;
* Fixed: Added a missed capability check before showing search results in the notifications log filters;
* Fixed: Fixed PHP warning about function not defined: esc_array_of_options;
* Fixed: Only look for default capabilitys on the calendar module if in the admin;
* Fixed: Only add admin hooks if in the admin;
* Fixed: Fix the delete action for notification log items;
* Added: Add the value of the global constant DISABLE_WP_CRON to the debug info, #987;
* Added: Add the value of the global debug constants WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY, WP_DEBUG_LOGv, and WP_DEBUG to the debug info, #998;
* Changed: Removed not used and deprecated methods in the calendar module: save_post_notify_users, save_post_notify_roles, add_role_to_notify, handle_ajax_drag_and_drop;
* Changed: Improved error handling on Ajax requests on the notifications log;
* Changed: WP version updated to 5.9;
* Changed: Removed not used method remove_object_terms of the calendar module class;

= [3.6.3] - 18 Nov 2021 =

* Fixed: Fix notifications page that tuns the WordPress admin area purple, #966;
* Fixed: Fix "save draft" button has gone, #967;
* Changed: Show the reviews banner on all admin pages;

= [3.6.2] - 25 Oct 2021 =

* Fixed: Can\'t edit the post status in the classic editor when WP to Twitter is activated, #958;
* Fixed: Can\'t edit the post status in the block editor when Block Editor Colors is activated, #959;
* Fixed: Block editor crashing if we resize the window to a mobile device dimension, #960;
* Added: Add a review request banner, #949;

= [3.6.1] - 04 Oct 2021 =

* Fixed: Add constants to customize priority of main actions: action_init, action_init_after and action_ini_for_admin, #953;
* Fixed: Fix notification body on events triggered by Elementor pages, #951;
* Fixed: Refactor the settings GET var for fixing a compatibility issue with 3rd party plugin;

= [3.6.0] - 02 Sep 2021 =

* Added: Add support for notifications when post is trashed/untrashed posts, #939;
* Added: Add support for notifications when post is updated/saved, #483;
* Added: Add support on Notifications content for different data types in the meta fields, including support to ACF relationship fields for posts, link, taxonomy and user, #924;
* Removed: Remove the deprecated module "Roles". Please, use PublishPress Capabilities or other plugin for handling user roles, #925;
* Removed: Remove the deprecated module "User Groups", #926;
* Fixed: Stop creating unused user roles on install, #926;
* Fixed: Fixed spacing between fields in the calendar popup, #920;
* Fixed: Fixed PHP warning about not set configuration: duplicated_notification_threshold;

= [3.5.1] - 30 Aug 2021 =

* Fixed: Fix undefined property stdClass::$author, #931;
* Fixed: Notifications don\'t trigger for posts created in the frontend, #936;
* Fixed: PHP warnings about not set configuration;
* Fixed: Fix the order and orderby filter in the content overview;
* Added: Add Japanese translation files, #934;

= [3.5.0] - 5 Aug 2021 =

* Added: Add the option to edit and delete editorial comments, #277;
* Added: Add new capabilities to control who can edit or delete editorial comments: pp_delete_editorial_comment, pp_delete_others_editorial_comment, pp_edit_editorial_comment, pp_edit_others_editorial_comment, #277;
* Fixed: Fix long text on the posts attributes in the calendar popup, #917;

= [3.4.1] - 19 Jul 2021 =

* Fixed: Fix the visual feedback for the calendar items drag and drop, #881;
* Fixed: Fix the publishing time field in the calendar form to display the default publishing date, #882;
* Fixed: Fix post creation capability check before allowing to create posts in the calendar, #799;
* Fixed: Fix publishing capability check before allow to create posts with "publish", "future", "private" statuses, #825;
* Fixed: Fix edit other posts capability check before allow to set a different author for the post, #834;
* Fixed: Fix capabilities check before displaying the links in the footer of the items popup on the calendar, #887;
* Fixed: Fix post subscribe capability check before displaying the option to "Notify me" in the item popup on the calendar, #886;
* Fixed: Fix edit posts permission before allowing to move items in the calendar, #891;
* Fixed: Fix PHP warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach(), #828;
* Fixed: Fix the default selected status in the post creation form on the calendar, #893;
* Fixed: Fix the "load more" behavior and links when the calendar is configured to display "All posts", #897;
* Fixed: Fix the drag and drop behavior in the calendar to trigger WP hooks after updating the post, #895;
* Fixed: Make the calendar string "Click to add" translatable, #883;
* Fixed: Fix border of calendar cells on Firefox, #901;
* Fixed: Fix date identified on clicking the calendar cell to create new posts, compensating the timezone, #903;
* Fixed: Fix the post type selection for new posts created on the calendar, #904;
* Fixed: Fix the format of the post date on the calendar popup, #905;
* Fixed: Fix the format of the date on the title of the post form on the calendar, #906;
* Fixed: Fix the JS error that the form in the calendar throws if the user can edit only one post type, #907;
* Fixed: Fix the translation for the private taxonomies: "pp_usergroup", "pp_notify_email", "pp_notify_role" and "pp_notify_user", #908;
* Fixed: Fix the click event over the "Click to add" label;

= [3.4.0] - 07 Jul 2021 =

* Changed: The calendar page has changed and is fully based on React now, #680;
* Changed: Minor improvements to the calendar UI, #680;
* Changed: The "Show \'n\' more" option in the calendar cells now works independently and shows the number of visible or hidden posts, #680;
* Changed: The title field in the quick create form in the calendar is now focused automatically after the form is showed, #680;
* Added: Added async data loading to the calendar, with faster navigation and filtering without the need to reload the page, #680;
* Added: New quick create posts form in the calendar with specific fields per post type, #680;
* Added: Added the Post ID to the calendar item popup, #680;
* Added: Added the post status to the calendar item popup, #680;
* Added: Added the post publishing date to the calendar item popup, #680;
* Added: Added support to PublishPress Authors\' multiple authors in the calendar, #680;
* Added: Added new fields for setting categories and tags when creating a post in the calendar, #680;
* Added: Added the number of editorial comments of a post in the calendar item popup, #680;
* Added: Type and create new post category or tag right in the quick create posts form in the calendar, #680;
* Added: Added a new button to the calendar navigation controls to refresh the calendar, #680;
* Fixed: Fixed support to PublishPress Authors for assigning guest authors to posts in the calendar, #680;
* Fixed: Fixed the Max visible posts per date setting in the calendar, #680;
* Fixed: Fixed the sorting option in the calendar for correctly sort items by publishing time or post status, #680;
* Fixed: Fixed a bug when dragging and dropping items in the calendar, removing the visual feedback of sorting items in the calendar cell, #680;
* Fixed: Fixed a bug after drag and drop an item in the calendar, showing the correct order of the moved item in the calendar cell, #680;
* Fixed: Fix calendar items ordering when sorted by status or time, #680;
* Fixed: Fix publishing date after publishing a post, using date_floating on custom statuses. Stops auto updating the publishing date with today\'s date, #741;
* Fixed: Fix adding or editing an user Role, #872;
* Fixed: Fix the scheduled time for cron events of scheduled posts that are moved to different dates in the calendar, #855;
* Fixed: Allow to publish a post with backdate in the calendar or post edit page, #715;

= [3.3.5] - 22 Jun 2021 =

* Fixed: Fix code style;

= [3.3.4] - 22 Jun 2021 =

* Fixed: Fix the license key management;
* Fixed: Fix the "Update now" notices when there is a most recent update available;

= [3.3.3] - 16 Jun 2021 =

* Fixed: Fix "Statuses" doesn\'t appear with a title in important areas, #846;
* Fixed: Fix links to posts with custom privacy are changed to preview links, #852;

= [3.3.2] - 27 May 2021 =

* Fixed: Fix the icons for statuses, #841;
* Fixed: Fix HTML syntax error in the custom status module for the admin pages;
* Changed: Add new background color for the PublishPress Debug button;

= [3.3.1] - 15 Apr 2021 =

* Fixed: Fix the editorial comments for non-admins, #827;
* Fixed: Check capability "edit_pp_notif_workflows" before displaying the "Active Notifications" list in the post edit page, not displaying it for those who can\'t edit notifications;
* Fixed: Fix PHP warning about undefined index "untrashed" after trashing a scheduled post, #831;

= [3.3.0] - 18 Mar 2021 =

* Added: Add support to Elementor edit links in the [psppno_post elementor_edit_link] shortcode, #794;
* Added: Add filters to customize the available fields in the notifications "shortcode" help text: publishpress_notifications_shortcode_post_fields, publishpress_notifications_shortcode_actor_fields, publishpress_notifications_shortcode_workflow_fields, publishpress_notifications_shortcode_edcomments_fields, publishpress_notifications_shortcode_receiver_fields;
* Fixed: Fix the value of the notification channel for authors identified by the email, #793;
* Fixed: Fixed the admin menu icon restoring the calendar dashicon, #802;
* Fixed: Fixed PHP Fatal error Uncaught ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function MA_Multiple_Authors::filter_workflow_receiver_post_authors, #814;
* Fixed: Fixed bug on WP 5.7 that breaks the toggle button on accordion of metaboxes, #816;
* Fixed: Fixed PHP notice: array to string conversion in debug.php:87, #813;
* Fixed: Fix notifications to user\'s custom slack channels, #335;

= [3.2.0] - 10 Feb 2021 =

* Added: Added new option to notify Network admins, adding a notification log to the main site in the network, #765;
* Added: Add option to rescheduled failed notifications in the notifications log. We only had that option for scheduled notifications, #786;
* Added: Added option to the notification workflow for avoiding notifying the user who triggered the action, #778;
* Added: Add the name of blog in the notification log content column, if in a multisite network;
* Fixed: Fix calendar picking up the wrong day, depending on the time and timezone, #572;
* Fixed: Fix styling for the error messages in the notifications log. The error lines were moved to the top of the screen due the "error" CSS class, #765;
* Fixed: Add sanitization and escape variables in some variables, increasing compatibility with WP VIP and more security, #773;
* Fixed: Fix PHP warning "Creating default object from empty value in publishpress-authors.php:772", correctly assigning the filter "pp_pre_insert_editorial_comment". (Allows PublishPress Revisions integration), #231;
* Fixed: Fixed timezone information in the calendar subscription and .ics file, #784;
* Fixed: Fixed role selection when adding a new user in a multisite, #788;

= [3.1.0] - 20 Jan 2021 =

* Added: Add shortcodes to the email notifications for the post content, excerpt and post type, #288
* Fixed: Fixed support to PHP 5.6, #772;

= [3.0.3] - 11 Jan 2021 =

* Fixed: Fix fatal error when "editor" or "author" user roles are missed in the site, #767;
* Fixed: Update the list of capabilities in the PublishPress Capabilities plugin;

= [3.0.2] - 07 Jan 2021 =

* Fixed: Fix JS warning: $(html) HTML text after last tag is ignored in the custom-status.js file, #754;
* Fixed: Fix JS warning: jQuery.fn.attr(‘selected’) might use property instead of attribute on custom-status.js, #753;
* Fixed: Fix JS warning: jQuery.fn.attr(‘multiple’) might use property instead of attribute on custom-status.js, #753;
* Fixed: Fix JS warning: event shorthand is deprecated on "publishpress/modules/calendar/lib/calendar.js", #761;
* Fixed: Fix JS warning: jQuery.fn.keydown() event shorthand is deprecated on "publishpress/modules/calendar/lib/calendar.js", #761;
* Fixed: Fix JS warning: jQuery.fn.mouseover() event shorthand is deprecated on "publishpress/modules/calendar/lib/calendar.js", #761;
* Fixed: Fix JS warning: jQuery.fn.mouseout() event shorthand is deprecated on "publishpress/modules/calendar/lib/calendar.js", #761;
* Fixed: Fix JS warning: jQuery.fn.change() event shorthand is deprecated on "publishpress/modules/calendar/lib/calendar.js", #761;
* Fixed: Fix JS warning: jQuery.isArray is deprecated; use Array.isArray on "publishpress/common/libs/select2/js/select2.min.js", #761;
* Fixed: Fix JS warning: event shorthand is deprecated on "publishpress/modules/content-overview/lib/content-overview.js", #761;
* Fixed: Fix JS warning: jQuery.fn.change() event shorthand is deprecated on "publishpress/modules/content-overview/lib/content-overview.js", #761;
* Fixed: Fix JS warning: event shorthand is deprecated on "publishpress/modules/notifications-log/assets/js/admin.js", #761;
* Fixed: Fix JS warning: event shorthand is deprecated on "publishpress/modules/editorial-metadata/lib/editorial-metadata-configure.js", #761;
* Fixed: Fix JS warning: jQuery.fn.keyup() event shorthand is deprecated on "publishpress/modules/custom-status/lib/custom-status-configure.js", #761;
* Fixed: Fix JS warning: event shorthand is deprecated on "publishpress/modules/custom-status/lib/custom-status-configure.js", #761;
* Fixed: Fix JS warning: jQuery.fn.keydown() event shorthand is deprecated on "publishpress/modules/custom-status/lib/custom-status-configure.js", #761;
* Fixed: Fix JS warning: jQuery.fn.mousedown() event shorthand is deprecated on "publishpress/modules/custom-status/lib/custom-status-configure.js", #761;
* Fixed: Fix JS warning: jQuery.fn.focus() event shorthand is deprecated on "publishpress/common/js/jquery-ui-timepicker-addon.js", #761;
* Fixed: Fix JS warning: jQuery.fn.bind() is deprecated on "publishpress/common/js/jquery-ui-timepicker-addon.js", #761;
* Fixed: Fix JS warning: jQuery.fn.bind() is deprecated on "publishpress/modules/custom-status/lib/custom-status.js", #761;
* Fixed: Fix JS warning: event shorthand is deprecated on "publishpress/modules/editorial-comments/lib/editorial-comments.js", #761;
* Fixed: Fix JS warning: jQuery.fn.bind() is deprecated on "publishpress/modules/improved-notifications/libs/opentip/downloads/opentip-jquery.js", #761;
* Fixed: Fix JS warning: event shorthand is deprecated on "publishpress/modules/improved-notifications/assets/js/multiple-select.js", #761;
* Fixed: Fix the post_id passed to the method "get_workflows_related_to_post" that lists the notification workflows related to the post being edited;
* Fixed: Fix PHP notice undefined variable "$action_args", #752;
* Changed: Removed the user field in the Roles page to avoid break big sites, #750;
* Added: Add capability to control who can view ("pp_view_editorial_metadata") or edit ("pp_edit_editorial_metadata") the editorial metadata, deprecating the capability "pp_editorial_metadata_user_can_edit", #758;

= [3.0.1] - 24 Nov 2020 =

* Fixed: Can\'t delete users because the plugin redirects to the Notifications Log page, #737;
* Fixed: Fixed the arguments "old_status" and "new_status" for the shortcode "psppno_post", #713;
* Fixed: Fixed the argument "author_ip" for the shortcode "psppno_edcomment", #713;
* Fixed: Fixed the option to always notify users who edited the content, #742;
* Fixed: Fixed bug in the notification filters that was triggering notifications for unselected post types, #743;
* Fixed: Updated the Italian language files;

= [3.0.0] - 16 Nov 2020 =

* Added: Added sortable columns to the Content Overview post list, #709;
* Added: Added post type filter to the Content Overview page, #727;
* Added: Added new filter "publishpress_notifications_schedule_delay_in_seconds", #650;
* Added: Added new filter "publishpress_notifications_scheduled_data", #650
* Added: Added to each notification log the source of the receiver (why is the user being notified? What group does he belongs to?), #650
* Added: Added info to the log about the current user when the notification was triggered, #650
* Added: Show the scheduled time of notifications in the log, #650
* Added: Added information about the cron task status of each scheduled notification. If not exists, show a failure message, #650
* Added: Added option to try again failed notifications. Add action "Try again" (Reschedule), and bulk option, #650
* Added: Display in the log the duplicated notifications that were skipped, #650
* Added: Added a settings field to configure the duplicated notification time threshold, in minutes, #650
* Added: Added to the log the icon for the channel used in the notification, #650
* Added: Add support to mention Slack users in notifications sent throw Slack. It requires to mention the User ID, not the user name, prefixed by a "@", #650
* Added: Added a new filter: "publishpress_slack_actions";
* Fixed: Minor fix to the style of the Content Overview post list, #709;
* Fixed: Fixed default notifications adding the "new" and "auto-draft" to the previous status field, and "post" to the Post Type field, #721;
* Fixed: Fixed support for multiple authors in the notifications, #650
* Fixed: Fixed Strict Standards notice: ..\\Dependency_Injector define the same property ($container) in the composition of ..\\Role, #726;
* Fixed: Fixed Strict Standards notice: ..\\Dependency_Injector define the same property ($container) in the composition of ..\\Follower, #726;
* Fixed: Fixed Slack notifications, #650
* Changed: Improved error messages for failed notifications adding more descriptive error messages, #650
* Changed: Refactored the filter "publishpress_notif_run_workflow_meta_query" to "publishpress_notifications_running_workflow_meta_query", #650
* Changed: Refactored the filter publishpress_notif_async_timestamp => publishpress_notifications_scheduled_time_for_notification, #650
* Changed: Refactored the action publishpress_enqueue_notification => publishpress_notifications_scheduled_notification, #650
* Changed: Refactored the action publishpress_cron_notify => publishpress_notifications_send_notification, #650
* Changed: Refactored the filter publishpress_notif_workflow_actions => publishpress_notifications_workflow_events, #650
* Changed: The notification\'s content is only fixed right before sending the message. Scheduled notifications now have dynamic preview for the content, #650
* Changed: The notification\'s list of receivers is only fixed right before sending the message. Scheduled notifications have dynamic receivers list, #650
* Changed: The popup now displays only the content of the notification, #650
* Changed: Refactored the Content Overview screen grouping posts by post type instead of by taxonomy, #709;
* Changed: Deprecated the filter "PP_Content_Overview_term_columns" and added a new one "publishpress_content_overview_columns", #709;
* Changed: Deprecated the filter "PP_Content_Overview_term_column_value" and added a new one "publishpress_content_overview_column_value", #709;
* Changed: Slack messages now display the content added in notification workflow. The "Notification Theme" option was refactored to display or not the line with action buttons, #650
* Removed: Removed the action "publishpress_notif_before_run_workflow", #650
* Removed: Removed the filter "publishpress_notif_workflow_receiver_post_authors", #650
* Removed: Removed the filter "publishpress_slack_attachments";

= [2.4.2] - 05 Nov 2020 =

* Fixed: Invalid assets paths for modules on Windows servers, #712;
* Fixed: Fixed error in the calendar: Error: selected user doesn\'t have enough permissions to be set as the post author, #704;
* Fixed: Fixed conflict with the plugin Visual Composer: pagenow is undefined, #692;
* Fixed: Method get_inner_information was ignoring the passed information fields to the first argument, #654;
* Fixed: Fixed broken text domain and update the .POT file, #670;

= [2.4.1] - 22 Oct 2020 =

* Fixed: Fix wrong assets URL. The URLs where pointing to the Free plugin, which is not installed;
* Changed: Updated the base plugin to v2.4.1;

= [2.4.0] - 22 Oct 2020 =

* Fixed: Fix PHP notice on Ajax call after clicking a filter without typing anything in the calendar or content overview, #693;
* Fixed: Fix JS error: No select2/compat/containerCss, #695;
* Fixed: Fix JS error: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 () - select2.min.js, #696;
* Fixed: Fix JS error: notifications.js:2 Uncaught TypeError: $(...).pp_select2 is not a function, #696;
* Fixed: Fix PHP error: undefined property $default_pulish_time, #698;
* Fixed: Fixed assets loading when installed as dependency of the Pro plugin, #697;
* Added: Added option to sort calendar items by publishing date, #457;
* Added: Added option to show all posts, or specific number of posts, on a date in the calendar, #675;
* Changed: Updated the Twig library to 1.42.5;
* Changed: Updated base plugin to v2.4.0;

= [2.3.0] - 07 Oct 2020 =

* Fixed: Fixed performance and memory issue for the calendar and content overview pages adding filters with asynchronous data search, removing the bloat of rendering all the users/tags in fields for each calendar cell, and content overview filters, #674;
* Fixed: Fixed language domain loading and updated the POT file, #670;
* Fixed: Removed a not used JS library: remodal, #517;
* Fixed: Stop loading the Chosen JS library where it is not used, #330;
* Fixed: Fixed support to Cyrillic chars on post status, #439;
* Added: Added support for displaying editorial comments in post status transition notifications, #676;
* Changed: Updated the Select2 JS library to version 4.0.13. The library instance was refactored to pp_select2;
* Changed: Converted the select field for notifications in the post edit page from Chosen to Select2;
* Changed: Updated base plugin to v2.3.0;

= [2.2.1] - 13 Aug 2020 =

* Fixed: Fixed PHP warning about variable $key being used outside and inside the context;
* Added: Added new filter "publishpress_new_custom_status_args" to customize the post status arguments, #640;
* Fixed: Fixed a PHP Fatal error: Trait Dependency_Injector not found, #652;
* Fixed: Fixed PHP warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreadh in TopNotice/Module.php;
* Fixed: Fixed warnings about mixed content when the site uses HTTPS;
* Fixed: Fixed JS error related to jQuery "live" function being deprecated and not found;
* Fixed: Fixed DOM errors in the browser related to multiple elements using the same ID, #660;
* Fixed: Compatibility with WP 5.5;
* Changed: Updated base plugin to 2.2.1;

= [2.2.0] - 17 Jun 2020 =

* Removed: Fixed conflict with Gutenberg and other plugins keeping draft as the default status, always. Removed the option to set another status as default, #621;
* Removed: Removed the notice asking for reviews after a few weeks of usage, #637;
* Fixed: Protect the WordPress post statuses "Pending" and "Draft", blocking edition of those statuses;
* Fixed: Fix the post status selection and the "Save as" link for Gutenberg for posts in published statuses. For changing the status you have to unpublish the post first;
* Fixed: Fix the "Save as" button when the current status doesn\'t exist;
* Fixed: Fix compatibility with the Nested Page plugin, #623;
* Fixed: Fix the title of Editorial Meta meta box in the options panel for Gutenberg, #631;
* Fixed: Load languages from the relative path, #626;
* Fixed: Updated the PT-BR translation strings;
* Fixed: Fix a fatal syntax error in the Slack module;

= [2.1.0] - 28 May 2020 =

* Added: Added support to PublishPress Authors (requires at least 3.3.1), #610, #614;
* Added: Added the user email to the notifications log entries and details popup, #602;
* Added: Added option to choose which statuses can show the time in the calendar, #607;
* Added: Added option to select custom publish time in the calendar for all post statuses, #554;
* Added: Added "read only" label to calendar items you can\'t edit, #608, #615;
* Changed: Updated base plugin to 2.1.0;
* Changed: Removed debug statements from the Custom Status module;
* Fixed: PHP error related to the undefined "current_datetime" function;
* Fixed: Ajax calls are saying the Notification Workflow post type is not registered, #601;
* Fixed: Removed the selection from the calendar to avoid messing up with the drag-and-drop;
* Fixed: Added visual feedback and error messages when errors happens while dragging and dropping items in the calendar, #609;
* Fixed: Fixed compatibility with PHP < 7.3 removing the call to the function "array_key_first";

= [2.0.6] - 15 Apr 2020 =

* Fixed: Fixed the duplicated posts after publishing using another algorithm due to new reports of a similar issue (#546);

= [2.0.5] - 15 Apr 2020 =

* Fixed: Fixed duplicated posts after publishing from custom post statuses, a bug introduced by the fix for #546;
* Fixed: Fixes the metadata form in the settings to display the errors after a form submission; (#592)
* Fixed: Updated the build script to remove test files from the built package to avoid false positive on security warnings issued by some hosts;

= [2.0.4] - 08 Apr 2020 =

* Fixed: Wrong publish date when using custom statuses - Now the publish date is always updated when the post is published;
* Fixed: Fixed the error displayed on Windows servers when the constant DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR is not defined;

= [2.0.3] - 17 Mar 2019 =

* Fixed: Performance issue when looking for legacy plugins;
* Fixed: JS error related to undefined editor when subject or content is empty;
* Fixed: Permalinks for scheduled posts removing the preview param;
* Fixed: Not all custom posts were available for notifications;
* Changed: Updated base plugin to 2.0.4-alpha.1;

= [2.0.2] - 18 Feb 2019 =

* Fixed: Performance issue due to recursive check for plugin files;
* Fixed: Removed leftovers of Phing and the builder script from the built package;
* Changed: Base plugin updated to 2.0.2;

= [2.0.1] - 11 Feb 2019 =

* Update the plugin base to 2.0.1, fixing issues related to hidden publish status and notifications not sent for published posts;

= [2.0.0] - 06 Feb 2019 =

* First public release based on the free version 2.0.0;

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