Customize Revision Notifications with PressPermit

It is possible to customize who receives email notifications from PublishPress Revisions.

  • Install PressPermit Pro.
  • Go to “Users” in the WordPress admin menu.
  • Click “Edit” for the user who wants to receive notification emails.
  • Scroll down and look for the “Permission Groups” boxes.
  • Check the boxes for the [Pending Revision Monitors] and [Scheduled Revision Monitors] groups.
  • This user will now receive emails from PublishPress Revisions.

You won’t get notifications if you can’t edit the post

One thing to note is that users will only receive the notification if they have full editing permissions for the post that’s being revised.

If you think about it, this makes sense … what’s the point of getting the notification if you can’t see or edit the revision?

This means that not everyone in the [Pending Revision Monitors] or [Scheduled Revision Monitors] groups will automatically receive all notification emails.

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