What is the manage_network permission in WordPress? #

The manage_network permission allows users to access the main dashboard of a WordPress multisite network.

The manage_network permission is not very useful by itself. This screenshot below shows what a user will see if they only have the manage_network permission. We recommend that a user all has the capabilities such as manage_sites, create_sites or manage_network_plugins.

Manage Network
Manage Network

If a user does have the manage_network capability, they will be able to go to this link:

  • My Sites > Network Admin > Sites.
Sites Link
Sites Link

Who has the manage_network permission? #

The manage_network permission is available only on multisite networks.

By default, the manage_network permission is only given to Super Admins.

Users not in the Super Admin role are not allowed to access the network dashboard.

Control who has the manage_network #

You can control who has the manage_network permission by installing the PublishPress Capabilities plugin.

  • After installing PublishPress Capabilities, go to “Capabilities” in your admin menu.
  • Using the dropdown in the top-left corner, choose the role you want to edit.
  • Enter “manage_network” into the “Add Capability” box.
  • Click “Add to role”.
Manage Network Add
Manage Network Add
  • Check or uncheck the “manage network” box in the “Additional Capabilities” area.
Manage Network Box
Manage Network Box

All multisite permissions in WordPress #

  1. create_sites
  2. delete_sites
  3. manage_network
  4. manage_network_options
  5. manage_network_plugins
  6. manage_network_themes
  7. manage_network_users
  8. manage_sites
  9. upgrade_network