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What are the Default User Permissions in PublishPress?

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In this guide, we'll show what PublishPress permissions are available to users in different WordPress roles.

Permissions for Subscribers

Subscribers do not have access to *any* of the PublishPress menu links. They can't even access the Calendar or Content Overview screens. If they try to access PublishPress screens, Subscribers will see this message:

Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.

Permissions for Contributors, Authors and Editors

Contributors, Authors and Editors can access three PublishPress menu links:

  • Calendar
  • Content Overview
  • Notifications

Here are the Contributor and Author permissions for each level:

  • Calendar: They can see the Calendar and create scheduled content.
  • Content Overview: They can see the Content Overview screen.
  • Notifications: There are some differences between the three user levels:
    • Contributors can create new Notification workflows and submit them for approval.
    • Authors can create new Notification workflows and publish them without approval.
    • Editors can create new Notification workflows and publish them, and trash them.

Changing the Permissions

You can change the permissions on PublishPress using the PublishPress Capabilities plugin.

After installing the plugin, go to the “Capabilities” link in your WordPress admin menu. Look for the “PublishPress Capabilities” area:

There are five key permissions you can change, and you can see those in the image below, which is taken from the Members plugin:

  • edit_post_subscriptions: This allows users to edit the PublishPress notification workflows.
  • pp_manage_roles: This allows users to view the “Roles” screen and create new roles.
  • pp_set_notifiation_channel: This allows users to choose their own notification channel (email or Slack).
  • pp_view_calendar: This allows users to view the Calendar screen.
  • pp_view_content_overview: This allows users to view the Content Overview screen.

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