Table of Contents
 * Retrieve supplemental roles for a user or group

 * @param string agent_type
 * @param int agent_id
 * @param array args :
 *   - post_types (default true)
 *   - taxonomies (default true)
 *   - force_refresh (default false)
 * @return array : $roles[role_name] = role_assignment_id
function ppc_get_roles( $agent_type, $agent_id, $args = array() )

Example usage #

$group = pp_get_group_by_name( 'Cool Group', 'pp_group' );

$roles = ppc_get_roles( 'pp_group', $group->ID );
$group_role_names = array_keys( $roles );

Notes #

  • Calling this function for a user returns only roles assigned directly to the user (not roles assigned to the user's groups).
  • If you are retrieving roles for the currently logged user using non-default $args, it may also be necessary to include force_refresh => true in the $args array.
  • You may pass an array of post_types or taxonomies to limit the returned roles to corresponding types.

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