Control Access to The Events Calendar Admin Menus

The Pro version of PublishPress Capabilities allows you to block access to admin menu links in The Events Calendar plugin. This is useful because The Events Calendar has limited options for managing who can access the admin screens and important features.

With The Events Calendar, you can easily create and manage an events calendar on your WordPress site. The plugin supports both in-person and virtual events. There are also many ways to extend the plugin for recurring events, ticket sales, user-submitted events and more.

When you first install the The Events Calendar plugin, you'll see one top-level menu link, plus at least 10 sub-menus:

  • Events
  • Add New
  • Tags
  • Events Categories
  • Venues
  • Organizers
  • Import
  • Settings
  • Help
  • Event Add-Ons
The Events Calendar Menus
The Events Calendar Menus 1

It is possible to control who can access these The Events Calendar plugin links by using the PublishPress Capabilities Pro plugin.

Admin Menus
Admin Menus Woocommerce
  • In the top-left corner of this screen, choose the role that you want to edit. In the image below, I'm going to restrict The Events Calendar access for the “Editor” role.
Author Restrictions
Author Restrictions
  • Scroll down and you can enter a red X for any The Events Calendar menu link that you don't want users in the Editor role to access.
  • Click “Save Changes”.
The Events Calendar Menus Access
The Events Calendar Menus Access

Now when an Administrator logs in to your site, they will not be able to see the Events Calendar menu links that you have blocked:

The Events Calendar Menus Blocked
The Events Calendar Menus Blocked

This approach works for the core The Events Calendar plugin and can also be used for add-on plugins such as Virtual Events, Events Tickets, and more.