What are PublishPress Authors Settings Stored in the Database?

This guide will introduce to the data is created and stored when you're using the PublishPress Authors plugin.

PublishPress Authors stores the settings as options in the wp_options table.

Publishpress Authors Database
Publishpress Authors Database

Data for PublishPress Authors settings #

These options store data from key settings in the Authors plugin:

  • multiple_authors_modules_settings_options: Some internal data for the plugin's modules
  • multiple_authors_settings_options: Some internal data for the settings module
  • multiple_authors_multiple_authors_options: Some internal data for the multiple authors module
  • multiple_authors_default_layouts_options: Some internal data for the module Default Layouts.

Data for migrations #

These settings contain data if you have emigrated to the Authors plugin from another plugin:

  • publishpress_multiple_authors_settings_migrated_3_0_0: This helps with backward compatibility. This option records if data was migrated to the 3.0.0 release of the plugin.
  • multiple_authors_byline_migration_options: Data for migration from the Byline plugin.
  • multiple_authors_bylines_migration_options: Data for migration from the Bylines plugin.

Data for the PublishPress Authors Widgets #

These settings are for the two widgets that install with the plugin:

Date for integration with other plugins #

These settings relate to integrations with other plugins and page-builders:

  • multiple_authors_yoast_seo_integration_options: Data for integration with Yoast SEO.
  • multiple_authors_genesis_integration_options: Data for integration with the Genesis Framework.
  • multiple_authors_elementor_integration_options: Data for integration with Elementor.
  • multiple_authors_divi_integration_options: Data for integration with Divi.

Data for the Pro version of PublishPress Authors #

These options will show if you're using the Pro version:

Data for plugin versions #

For backwards compatibility, we do store the version twice:

  • multiple_authors_version: the current plugin version
  • pp_authors_version: the current plugin version.