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Changelogs for PublishPress Revisions Pro

This changelog is for the Pro version of PublishPress Revisions.

You can find the changelog for the free version by clicking this link to

= 2.5.3 - 6 Apr 2021 = * Compat : WP Rest Cache - Revision submission from Gutenberg failed * Compat : PublishPress Permissions - Edit Category / Term: Permissions metaboxes were not displayed * Compat : PublishPress Permissions - Pending Revision Monitors group ineffective; notifications were sent to all Editors and Administrators (also requires PublishPress Permissions 3.5.1) * Compat : Enable revisioning of non-public post types if they have type-specific capabilities defined= 2.5.1 - 30 Mar 2021 = * Fixed : Revisors could not preview other users' pending revisions, even if they are listed in Revision Queue (Permissions integration requires 3.5.1) * Fixed : Post Title changes were not applied at revision publication * Fixed : Database error on revision publication, on some installations * Fixed : Compare Revisions - uneven column widths with WordPress 5.7 * Feature : Option to update modified date on revision publication * Compat : PublishPress - Custom Status dropdown was hidden in post editor * Compat : Divi + Classic Editor - Revision submission using "Save as Revision" checkbox caused changes to be saved to published post * Compat : Kinsta object cache - Revision submission using "Save as Revision" checkbox failed * Compat : Kinsta object cache - Revision submission clears Featured Image from published post= 2.5 - 4 Mar 2021 = * Fixed : After a Pending Revision is published, Compare Revisions screen for past revisions did not order it correctly * Fixed : Revisors could not access Compare Revisions screen unless PublishPress Permissions was active * Fixed : Some attachment fields implemented by third party plugins were not saved to Pending Revisions * Fixed : Revision submission - "submit another revision" link (following future date selection) led to submission failure on some sites * Fixed : Custom fields saved by custom REST were cleared from submitted pending revision * Compat : Elementor - Revisors can submit Pending Revisions * Compat : Divi editor reloaded itself after initial loading * Compat : Divi - First-time edit of an existing revision triggered another "revision created" screen * Compat : Advanced Custom Fields - attachment image fields were cleared out of new revision * Compat : REST API Cache - "Save as Revision" checkbox ineffective on some installations * Compat : PublishPress - Editing a revision caused it to be converted to a non-revision draft * Compat : PublishPress - Custom Status module interfered with Revisions scripts on Edit Revision screen * Compat : PublishPress - Adding an Editorial Comment on the Edit Revision screen, then updating, caused revision to become inaccessible * Compat : Some third party plugin interactions could cause Revision publication to fail, leaving published page unreadable * Change : Display a Revisions link (for past revisions) in Classic Editor for Revisor * Lang : Add Swedish translation= 2.4.9 - 14 Jan 2021 = * Compat : REST API Cache - REST caching failed for attachments * Fixed : Non-public post types displayed ineffective preview link. Now suppress link or link to Compare Revisions screen instead. * Fixed : Error loading Revisions > Settings page if nullstring license key is stored, on some installations * Fixed : Deprecated jQuery event handlers * Feature : Display notice to Revisor if they have already submitted a revision (in Gutenberg only if constant REVISIONARY_GUTEN_NOTICE defined) * Change : Enable Compare Revisions link (for past revisions) in page editor for Revisor= 2.4.8 - 17 Dec 2020 = * Compat : WPML - Revision Queue was not filtered by WPML language selector * Compat : WPML - Hide non-revisionable Languages settings in Revision editor * Compat : TablePress - Tables could not be updated by non-Administrators * Fixed : Revision Queue - PHP Notice if no revisions listed= 2.4.7 - 15 Dec 2020 = * Fixed : WP 5.6 - Pending Revision submission failed (since 2.4.6) * Fixed : Compare Pending Revisions always credited assigned post author for Current Revision, now shows user who created the last published update. To revert to previous behavior, define constant RVY_LEGACY_COMPARE_REVISIONS_AUTHOR_DISPLAY. * Change : Clarify captions for permissions-related checkboxes in Revisions > Settings > Revision Queue * Compat : PublishPress Capabilities - organize Revisions capabilities into own area= 2.4.6 - 8 Dec 2020 = * Lang: Include a .pot file (translation template) * Fixed : If no revisions are accessible to user, all revisions were listed in Revision Queue * Fixed : Post deletion triggered revision submission redirect under some conditions * Compat : REST API Cache plugin - "Save as Revision" checkbox was ineffective * Compat : PublishPress Authors - revision submission failed under some conditions= 2.4.5 - 30 Nov 2020 = * Compat : WP Engine, Kinsta object cache - "Pending Revision" checkbox was ineffective * Compat : Pods - Revision publication applies changes to Relationship fields * Compat : PublishPress Permissions - Revision editing or deletion was improperly blocked under some configurations * Fixed : Revision submission by Administrator or Editor caused corruption of published block content (by slash removal) on some installations * Fixed : Edit Revision screen did not display Approve Revision button to users who cannot delete the revision * Fixed : Revision Queue - other plugin / theme filters could cause all revisions to be listed when a requested published post has no accessible revisions * Fixed : Revision Queue - filter links worked, but had original URL reconstructed incorrectly * Fixed : Revision Queue - pagination links had badly formatted arguments if a filtering argument is active * Fixed : Revisors had non-applicable elements hidden in post editor, but orphaned labels for those elements remained visible * API : New filter 'revisionary_notify_publishers_eligible' to modify eligible "Publishers to Notify" when Email Notification is optional * API : New filter 'revisionary_notify_publisher_default_ids' to modify default "Publishers to Notify" when Email Notification is optional= 2.4.4 - 18 Nov 2020 = * Fixed : Revision submission caused Post Thumbnail to be cleared from the published post * Fixed : Revision submission by a Revisor caused corruption of published block content (by slash removal) on some installations * Fixed : Compare Past Revisions - Editors did have "Preview / Restore" or "Manage" buttons= 2.4.3 - 5 Nov 2020 = * Compat : Polylang - language settings were not stored to revision (Fix also applies to other plugins using hidden taxonomies) * Compat : Project Nami (Microsoft SQL Server / ODBC) - No confirmation redirect on revision submission * Compat : Advanced Custom Fields - ACF fields were not stored to past revision following Pending / Scheduled revision publication * Feature : New option "Prevent Redundant Revisions" - Workaround to avoid storage of revision copies which are missing ACF fields (and clear them on "Restore" operation) * Lang : Added .pot file= 2.4.2 - 26 Oct 2020 = * Compat : PublishPress Permissions - Users assigned Revise permissions for specific pages or categories could not compare Pending Revisions * Compat : PublishPress Permissions Pro - With Status Control module active, Edit Revision screen had invalid "Workflow" button (also requires Permissions Pro 3.3.8) * Compat : Public Post Preview - Author selector was hidden in post editor * Compat : Public Post Preview - Make public post previews of published posts redirect to the published post * Change : Revision Settings - Revision Queue section, includes "Compatibility Mode" setting to prevent revisions from being hidden from the queue in the case of plugin integration issues * Fixed : "Prevent Revisors from editing others' revisions" setting was not applied * Fixed : Error on Compare Revisions screen when revisions were submitted for an unpublished post * Fixed : Error when Revision submission includes a template setting * Fixed : Custom plugins path caused PHP error * Fixed : Revison Queue - PHP Notice "Undefined variable: post_id" when URL includes published_post argument * Feature : If Revisors are blocked from editing other users' drafts, those can now be included (unclickable) in Edit Pages if the list_others_pages capability is granted * Feature : Support constant definitions REVISIONARY_DISABLE_SUBMISSION_REDIRECT, REVISIONARY_DISABLE_SCHEDULE_REDIRECT * Feature : New filters "revisionary_do_submission_redirect", "revisionary_do_schedule_redirect"= 2.4.1 - 9 Oct 2020 = * Compat : PublishPress Permissions: On new post creation, Revisors get a Publish button instead of a Submit button. Publishing fails; the only way to submit successfully is Save Draft, then Submit for Review. * Compat : PublishPress Permissions - Revisions were not listed in Queue under some configurations with PublishPress Permissions active * Compat : PublishPress Permissions Pro - Redundant Pending Revision checkbox in Gutenberg editor if Status Control module is active with Permissions Pro > 3.3.6 * Fixed : With pre-Publish checks enabled in Gutenberg, after first save "Pending Revision" checkbox was moved off of pre-Publish Panel= 2.4 - 1 Oct 2020 = * Feature : Voluntary revision submission for unpublished posts * Compat : PublishPress Permissions Pro + Status Control - With custom capabilities enabled for Workflow statuses, Contributors who cannot edit unpublished posts directly can submit revisions for them * Fixed : Revisors and other limited editors had editor elements hidden when adding a new post, under some site configurations * Fixed : If a post has multiple postmeta records using the same meta key, revision publication removed all but one record. Now support special treatment by defining key name(s) as value of constant REVISIONARY_DUPLICATE_META_KEYS * Fixed : Revision publication always set post publish date to current time. Now does only with enabled setting Revisions > Settings > Pending Revisions > Update Publish Date * Fixed : Classic Editor - after Preview Changes is clicked, limited editors see "Submit Revision" button recaptioned to "Update" * Compat : PublishPress Authors - Authors could not be changed on Edit Revision screen with Gutenberg editor if PublishPress is also active * Compat : Gutenberg Ramp - Revision submission UI did not load for post types that have Gutenberg enabled= 2.3.12 - 27 Aug 2020 = * Fixed : WP 5.5 - Post previews did not display correctly for Revisors * Fixed : Pending, Scheduled revisions not listed in Revision Queue following mirroring of posts database table from another installation (or possibly under other conditions) * Fixed : Editorial Comments added on "Edit Revision" screen did not trigger email notification to post author or revision author * Feature : Option to copy revision's editorial comments over to published post (at revision publication)= 2.3.11 - 13 Aug 2020 = * Compat : WP 5.5 - "Pending Revision" checkbox sometimes ineffective * Compat : WP 5.5 - Posts with pending or scheduled revisions stored had misplaced links in Gutenberg editor sidebar * Compat : WP 5.5 - With Classic Editor, javascript errors in post editor * Compat : WP 5.5 - PHP warning on post edit (deprecated function escape_attribute) * Compat : WP 5.5 - Edit Revision screen - Duplicate Preview link, misaligned * Compat : WP 5.5 - Edit Revision screen - View / Approve link misaligned * Fixed : "Has Revision" post state displayed for posts that have comments but no revisions (since 2.3.10) * Fixed : Scheduled revisions were not published under some conditions (since 2.3.9) * Fixed : In some conditions, fatal error on Plugins screen= 2.3.10 - 10 Aug 2020 = * Fixed : Revisions submitted without modifying tags had tags removed * Feature : Edit Posts screen - display "Has Revision" as a post state after post title= 2.3.9 - 6 Aug 2020 = * Fixed : Schedule revisions caused post to be unpublished under some conditions * Fixed : Settings screen: update check / install link led to invalid URL * Fixed : PHP warning on Settings screen * Lang : Add German translation * API : New filter 'revisionary_apply_revision_data' to adjust standard revision fields prior to publication * Compat : WP Rest Cache plugin - revisions could not be created with plugin active= 2.3.8 - 30 Jul 2020 = * Feature : Revision Queue - new bulk action to Unschedule selected revisions * Lang : Add Spanish translation * Fixed : Revisors could not preview changes prior to submitting a pending revision * Fixed : Classic Editor plugin - when "Edit (Classic)" link is used, Revisors did not have Update button recaptioned to "Submit Revision" * Fixed : API - revisionary_enabled_post_types filter was not fully effective * Compat : Public Post Preview - support preview link generation on Edit Revision screen= 2.3.7 - 11 Jun 2020 = * Compat : Pods - On pending revision submission, some custom fields were also stored to published post= 2.3.6 - 10 Jun 2020 = * Fixed : After revision submission, preview link was not always to latest revision * Fixed : Preview button on editor screen loaded preview with invalid thumbnail under some conditions * Fixed : When network-activated, Network Settings menu item loaded site-specific settings screen * Compat : LearnDash - pending revisions were not stored, changes saved to published post instead * Compat : LearnDash - filtering Revision Queue for a specific course failed to list related revisions * Compat : Pods, LearnDash - on revision submission, custom field changes were stored to published post, not revision= 2.3.5 - 29 May 2020 = * Fixed : Compare link on Editor screen linked to Edit Posts screen instead of Compare Revisions= 2.3.4 - 28 May 2020 = * Fixed : Duplicate email notifications to users who have more than one WordPress role * Change : Suppress email notification when an Administrator or Editor creates a pending revision, if constant REVISIONARY_LIMIT_ADMIN_NOTIFICATIONS is defined * Compat : Relevanssi - Scheduled revisions were not published with Relevanssi active * Fixed : Scheduled revision publication caused other scheduled revisions (for the same post) to be hidden from Revision Queue * Fixed : has_revisions postmeta flag was not cleared when a post's last revision was deleted * Fixed : Revision Queue - Search function did not work * Fixed : Revision Queue link in Edit Posts / Edit Pages row was not removed after post's last pending or scheduled revision published or deleted= 2.3.3 - 14 May 2020 = * Compat : PublishPress Permissions - Fatal error on post creation= 2.3.2 - 12 May 2020 = * Compat : Divi theme / Page Builder - error, redirect on front end for anonymous users on some installations * Compat : Divi theme / Page Builder - on revision preview, approval top bar covered admin bar dropdowns * Compat : Divi theme / Page Builder - scheduled revision submission in Classic Editor also stored changes to published post * Compat : Divi theme / Page Builder - inconsistent results submitting pending revision with Divi Builder inside Classic Editor * Compat : Advanced Custom Fields - On pending revision submission, ACF field changes were saved to published post; revision was stored with no ACF field values * Compat : ACF Extended - Compare Revisions screen did not show ACF fields if ACF Extended configured to store all ACF meta to a single record * Fixed : Post meta flag "_rvy_has_revisions" was not cleared after last remaining pending / scheduled revision was published or deleted, affecting Revision Queue performance * Fixed : Revision Queue listed uneditable revisions under some conditions * Fixed : My Published Posts count was wrong under some conditions= 2.3.1 - 24 Apr 2020 = * Fixed: Divi integration worked with Divi Builder plugin, but not Divi theme * Fixed: Fatal error in PublishPress Pro, PublishPress Checklists Pro or PublishPress Authors Pro if activated with Revisions Pro 2.3 already active= 2.3 - 23 Apr 2020 = * Compat : Divi Page Builder - support pending revision submission by Revisors * Fixed : Dashboard At a Glance link for Pending Post Revisions linked to Revision Queue without filtering display to Posts only * Compat : PublishPress Permissions - suppress Permissions metaboxes on Edit Revision screen= 2.2.4 - 4 Apr 2020 = * Fixed : Fatal error on some installations due to changes in vendor library= 2.2.3 - 3 Apr 2020 = * Feature : Option to disable revision preview links for non-Administrators (to work around themes that force a 404 Not Found response) * Fixed : Classic Editor - Category and Post Tag revisions were not applied * Fixed : Inline styles were stripped or modifield on scheduled revision publication * Fixed : Possible fatal error on Revisions screen with some installations * Change : Standardize sanitization of database queries * API: Enabled Post Types filter was not applied consistently * Compat : CMS Tree Page View - Suppress Pending Revisions and Scheduled Revisions from Page Tree View= 2.2.1 - 16 Mar 2020 = * Fixed : Page Template was cleared on revision submission in some installations * Fixed : Revision Queue - "Filter" link was ineffective in showing only revisions of the selected published post. This also applies to "View Revision Queue" link after revision creation. * Fixed : Edit Revision - Move to Trash button did not work (and created new pending revision) * Fixed : Duplicate email notifications for scheduled revision publication on some installations * Fixed : Safeguard to prevent duplicate email notifications * Feature : Plugin API - new filter 'revisionary_mail' allows adjustment to notification email address, title or message (or blockage of a particular email) * Compat : New setting "Revision publication triggers API actions to mimic post update" causes save_post and transition_post_status actions to fire on revision publication * Compat : Yoast SEO - Revision submission stripped accented characters and emojis out of FAQ block * Compat : ACF Extended - Revision author was set to published post author. This also prevented Revisors from seeing their own new revisions. * Compat : On revision publication, trigger 'transition_post_status' action, for plugins that use it= 2.2 - 12 Feb 2020 = * Feature : Email Notification - option to notify Editors and Administrators when a Pending Revision is approved * Fixed : Block Editor - Custom Taxonomies, if unchanged, were not saved to revision. Publication of revision cleared custom taxonomies for published post. * Fixed : Block Editor - Error setting Featured Image * Fixed : Revisions submitted by Administrators or Editors using "Pending Revision" checkbox caused published post title and content to be cleared if a future publish date was also selected * Fixed : Beaver Builder - Compare Pending Revisions indicated term removal for revisions submitted with Beaver Builder * Fixed : Beaver Builder - Categories or Tags were stripped from published page on Pending Revision approval, under some configurations * Compat : PublishPress Permissions Status Control - "Prevent Revisors from editing other users' drafts" setting also prevented other non-Editors from editing posts of a custom workflow status that uses custom capabilities (also requires PP Permissions Pro 2.9.1) * Compat : Block data from some plugins had html formatting tags displayed as unicode character codes * Fixed : Edit Revision screen - Date selector was displayed even if scheduled revisions feature disabled * Fixed : Compare Pending Revisions - Non-administrators could not edit Scheduled Revisions * Fixed : Compare Pending Revisions - for page slug change, original published slug was not displayed * Fixed : 'revisionary_skip_taxonomies' filter triggered a database error * Fixed : PHP Notice if third party code registers a post type without defining the edit_published capability * Fixed : PHP Notices on revision submission notification * Change : By default, enable "Prevent Revisors from viewing others'" setting * Change : Apply possible workaround for Revision Queue capability issues on some sites= 2.1.8 - 15 Jan 2020 = * Fixed : Custom Post Types did not have Pending Revisions or Scheduled Revisions available (since 2.1.7) * Lang : Some strings were not translatable * Lang : Updated language files= 2.1.7 - 13 Jan 2020 = * Fixed : Excessive resource usage with some caching solutions * Fixed : Beaver Builder - Categories / Taxonomy terms were stripped on revision approval * Fixed : Multisite - Super Administrators without a site role could not access Revision Queue * Fixed : Classic Editor - After updating a revision, "View Post" message linked to published post instead of revision preview * Feature : New filter 'revisionary_enabled_post_types', unset post types by key to disable PP Revisions involvement= 2.1.6 - 23 Dec 2019 = * Fixed : Edit Revision - Classic Editor "Approve" button ineffective * Fixed : Edit Revision - Classic Editor "View / Approve" button loaded live preview (of unsaved changes) instead * Compat : By default, prevent third party post query filtering on Revision Queue (to avoid non-display of Revisions) * Compat : PressPermit Pro - Updating a saved revision caused it to be changed to a regular pending post= 2.1.5 - 11 Dec 2019 = * Compat : PressPermit Pro - Pending revision previews could be viewed by any user (including anonymous) if "Prevent Revisors from viewing others' revisions" disabled (since 2.1.4) * Fixed : Contributors had other users' uneditable, unreadable revisions listed in Revision Queue * Fixed : Revision Preview - Under some configurations, users with read-only access to revisions had no top bar in revision preview display * Fixed : Revision Preview - Under some role configurations, users saw an ineffective "Publish" button in preview top bar * Fixed : PHP warning for undefined index 'preview'= 2.1.4 - 10 Dec 2019 = * Fixed : Revision previews were not displayed to Editors under some configurations * Feature : Separate settings for "Prevent Revisors from editing others'" and "Prevent Revisors from viewing others'"= 2.1.3 - 6 Dec 2019 = * Compat : Classic Editor plugin - View / Approve buttons missing on Edit Revision screen if Classic Editor active but settings default to Block Editor * Compat : Classic Editor plugin - Javascript errors on Edit Post / Edit Revision screen if Classic Editor active but currently using Block Editor * Compat : Thin Out Revisions plugin broke Preview / Approval buttons on Compare Pending Revisions screen * Feature : Option to disable PublishPress branding (admin footer on Revision Queue and Settings screens) * Fixed : Multiple Authors - Revision Queue "Post Author" links did not work for secondary authors * Compat : Multiple Authors - Revision Queue "Post Author" links did not filter Revision Queue * Compat : JReviews - Live preview from Edit Revision screen failed if JReviews plugin active * Fixed : Preview Top Bar blocks admin bar dropdown menu if another fixed-position element on the page (other than #wpadminbar) has a z-index of 99999 or higher= 2.1.2 - 4 Dec 2019 = * Fixed : Scheduled Revisions were not published (since 2.1) * Fixed : Edit Revision - preview of unsaved revision did not work from Gutenberg * Change : Edit Revision - display "View / Approve" button if editor is unchanged from saved revision, otherwise "Preview" button for unsaved changes * Fixed : Classic Editor - Preview caused "Update Revision" button to be recaptioned to "Save Draft" * Feature : Support pending / scheduled revision of Post Slug * Fixed : Other users' revisions were not listed in Revision Queue even if "Prevent Revisors from editing others' revisions" disabled * Fixed : With "Prevent Revisors from editing others' revisions" setting enabled, Revisors and Authors could edit others' revisions by direct URL access * Feature : Support list_others_revisions capability to grant read access to other users' revisions (applies if "Prevent Revisors from editing others' revisions" is enabled) * Compat : PressPermit Pro - Revisors could not submit Beaver Builder revisions * Compat : PressPermit Pro - Revision Exceptions ("Also these" category / taxonomy assignments) assigned to Authors were not applied correctly= 2.1.1 - 26 Nov 2019 = * Compat : Multiple Authors - Fatal error on revision creation (since 2.1)= 2.1 - 26 Nov 2019 = * Feature : Bulk Approval / Publishing in Revision Queue * Feature : Revision Edit: Approve Button on Editor screen * Feature : Option for Approve, Edit buttons on Compare Revisions screen (instead of Preview button) * Feature : Email Notification Buffer to avoid failures due to exceeding server send limits * Fixed : Email Notification - For pending revision submission, submitted was misidentified on some sites * Fixed : Revisors could restore previous revisions through manual URL access * Fixed : Fatal error when WP_Privacy_Policy_Content::text_change_check() is triggered * Fixed : "Pending Revision" checkbox was displayed in Gutenberg editor, even for unpublished posts * Fixed : After clicking "Pending Revision" checkbox, unchecking did not prevent revision save * Fixed : Revision Preview - unsaved changes to saved revision could not be previewed with WP 5.3 * Fixed : Revision Preview - top bar for edit / approval was not displayed on some sites * Change : Revision Preview URL - Default to using published post slug with revision page_id argument, for better theme compatibility. Option to use Revision slug or ID only. * Fixed : Edit Revision screen links to published post discarded customized slug * Fixed : Classic Editor - "View / Approve" link from Edit Revision screen loaded wrong preview URL and no top bar display for approval * Fixed : Classic Editor - No preview button was available to Revisors * Fixed : Classic Editor - Invalid Revisions > Browse link displayed to Revisors * Compat : Classic Editor plugin - with "Allow users to switch editors" enabled, non-default editor did not have correct javascript loaded for Revisions * Compat : On themes that use a fixed position header, display preview top bar above header * Compat : PressPermit Pro - revision preview could not be viewed by Contributors under some configurations * Fixed : On standard Compare Revisions screen (for past revisions), Preview and Manage button links did not update with slider selection change * Fixed : Pending, Schedule Revision notification - invalid preview link in some emails * Fixed : Trashed revisions were not identified as revisions in Edit Posts listing * Fixed : Trashed revisions were not deleted on parent post deletion * Fixed : Trashed revisions showed an invalid comment count value in Edit Posts listing * Fixed : PHP Warning in Gutenberg editor when editing is not being limited to revision submission * Compat : Multiple Authors - Compare Pending Revisions screen showed revisor as original post author under some conditions * Compat : Multiple Authors - Revision submission / approval caused published post author to be changed to revisor, under some conditions * Compat : Plugin interaction caused published post permalink custom slug was replaced with default permalink structure at revision publication, on some sites * Change : Revision Queue - recaption "My Posts" to "My Published Posts"= 2.0.11 - 28 Oct 2019 = * Fixed : Classic Editor - Post Preview showed last stored copy, not unsaved changes * Fixed : Revision Preview top bar covered admin menu dropdown * Fixed : Revision Edit - live preview showed revision author instead of published author (if Multiple Authors plugin not active)= 2.0.10 - 25 Oct 2019 = * Fixed : Post Preview showed last stored copy, not unsaved changes * Fixed : Post Preview (to view unsaved changes) was not available when editing a revision * Fixed : Revision Preview - Buttons were not clickable with some themes * Fixed : Filter revisionary_default_pending_revision was not effective in Gutenberg (check Save as Revision checkbox by default) * Compat : Multiple Authors - Compare Pending Revisions did not display friendly caption for ppma_multiple_authors field * Compat : Multiple Authors - Compare Pending Revisions showed revision submitter in ppma_multiple_authors field for revision * Compat : Multiple Authors - Compare Pending Revisions did not always display current author of published post in ppma_multiple_authors field * Compat : Multiple Authors - Incorrect author display in revision previews on some sites * Compat : PressPermit - Database error on Revision Queue screen under some configurations= 2.0.9 - 18 Oct 2019 = * Fixed : Compare Pending Revisions - link redirected to Edit Posts screen for some post types * Change : Compare Pending Revisions - Improve display of array values in custom fields= 2.0.8 - 18 Oct 2019 = * Change : PostMeta Failsafe - To avoid the possibility of accidental clearance, revisions do not support deletion of Featured Image or PostMeta rows, until further testing. API filter available for experimental usage with specified meta keys. Any missing custom fields in a new revision will be automatically copied over from the published post. * Feature : Compare Pending/Scheduled Revisions screens support display of many additional custom fields (any field stored as scalar value or array of scalars) * Fixed : Featured Image, Page Template were not saved to revision if unmodified * Fixed : Some custom fields were not saved to revision if unmodified * Fixed : Scheduled Revisions created with Gutenberg stored selected terms to published post, previous terms to revision * Fixed : Scheduled Revisions created with Gutenberg did not store Yoast SEO custom fields * Fixed : Scheduled Revisions - If "Update Publish Date" enabled, 404 Not Found redirect after manually publishing a scheduled revision if the post type uses post date in permalink structure * Fixed : Revision Preview - Buttons were not clickable with some themes * Fixed : Settings - Disabling Pending or Scheduled Revisions did not remove UI from post editor * Fixed : Settings - If Pending Revisions disabled, Revisor could still edit published posts= 2.0.7 - 17 Oct 2019 = * Fixed : Scheduled Revisions - published post tags and categories were stripped out on scheduled revision publication * Fixed : Scheduled Revisions - manually publishing prior to scheduled time caused published post status to be set to Future (unpublished)= 2.0.6 - 17 Oct 2019 = * Fixed : Publishing a revision imported from Revisionary 1.x caused tags and categories to be stripped out= 2.0.5 - 16 Oct 2019 = * Fixed : Import script for Revisionary 1.x revisions did not run on plugin activation * Fixed : Administrators, Editors and Authors were blocked from Quick Edit * Compat : Multiple Authors plugin * Fixed : Scheduled Revisions - If "Update Publish Date" enabled, "Not Found" displayed after publishing a revision if the published url includes post date * Fixed : Pending Revisions - Published post date was not updated even if "Update Publish Date" setting enabled * Change : Pending Revision Notification - Include link to Revision Queue * Fixed : Pending Revision Notification - If enabled for author only, email was sent with a blank title and message * Fixed : Empty Revision Queue was displayed to Subscribers with no Revision capabilities * Fixed : Yoast SEO - custom field changes were not saved with revision * Fixed : Yoast SEO - publish post custom fields were cleared on revision publication * Fixed : PHP notices on Revision Queue screen= 2.0.4 - 9 Oct 2019 = * Change : On installation over Revisionary 1.x, display a "heads up" notice about plugin name change, admin menu and Revision Queue * Fixed : Classic Editor - Revision Preview did not always include top bar (for Edit / Compare / Publish) if PressPermit Pro active * Fixed : Revision Preview - Edit url did not work on installations with non-conventional admin paths, due to hardcoded /wp-admin * Fixed : Schedule Revision notifications sent redundantly under some conditions * Change : On Revision Edit, recaption Preview button to "View" to clarify that it's a preview of the saved revision, not unsaved changes. (Future release will make it a true preview).= 2.0.3 - 3 Oct 2019 = * Fixed : Plugin settings could not be changed * Fixed : Pending / Scheduled Revisions were listed in Revision Queue even if feature disabled in Revisions > Settings * Fixed : On post edit for revision, Revisors could not see the current or newly selected Featured Image * Fixed : On revision edit, Administrators and Editors did not have Trash button available * Fixed : Revisors could edit or delete their scheduled revisions * Fixed : Scheduled revision publication did not work with "Asynchronous publishing" setting enabled * Fixed : After revision publication reloading, the old revision preview returned "Not Found". Now redirects to published post and marks as "Current Revision" * Fixed : PHP Notices throughout wp-admin when WP_DEBUG enabled * Change : Revision Queue headline indicates when results are being filtered by post type, revision status, revision author or post author= 2.0.2 - 2 Oct 2019 = * Fixed : On post date change in Gutenberg editor, Publish button was recaptioned to "Schedule Revision" even on a past date selection (unless SCRIPT_DEBUG enabled)= 2.0.1 - 2 Oct 2019 = * Fixed : Fatal error if another copy of Revisionary already active= 2.0.0 - 1 Oct 2019 = * Feature : Submit revisions to Categories, Tags, Custom Terms, Page Parent, Featured Image, Page Template * Feature : Revisions editable in Gutenberg, Classic Editor * Feature : Voluntary pending revision submission by unrestricted editors in Gutenberg * Feature : Revision Queue screen is a sortable, filterable list of pending and scheduled revisions for all post types * Feature : Revision Queue screen includes "My Revisions" and "My Posts" filtering links * Feature : Revision Queue - Published Posts have "History" link to compare past revisions * Feature : Compare Revisions - for past revisions, add button links for "Preview / Restore" and "Manage" * Feature : Compare Pending Revisions using standard WordPress UI (link from Editor or Revision Queue) * Feature : Compare Scheduled Revisions using standard WordPress UI (link from Editor or Revision Queue) * Feature : Compare Pending / Scheduled Revisions shows changes to Categories, Tags, Terms, Page Parent, Featured Image, Page Template * Compat : Front end revision submission and editing with Beaver Builder plugin * Compat : Submit revisions to custom fields defined by ACF plugin * Compat : WPML - Revisions Queue language filtering * Change : Improved styling for revision preview / approval top bar * Feature : "Update Publish Date" setting for Pending Revisions (defaults to disabled)

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