Using the PublishPress Blocks plugin, you can control how and when blocks appear on your site.

The “Block Controls” feature works with almost any block, including blocks from third party plugins.

Here are the currently available “Block Controls”:

The “Block Controls” is enabled via the PublishPress Blocks menu and also the “Dashboard “screen:

Disable block controls for specific block types #

You can disable/enable block controls per block type through Block controls > Blocks.

For example, let's say I don't want block controls support for Contact Form blocks.

  • Turn off the blocks (in this example: Contact Form)
  • Save blocks

From now, if I edit a Contact Form block, Block controls won't be available for this block type. The rest of blocks would still have support for Block controls.

Unsupported blocks #

Please note we don't yet offer Block controls support for a few blocks, including (single) Column and Classic.