The PublishPress Newsletter block save your future customers email for your marketing operations. You can create a sign-up block that's customized with your own styling and text.

How to add the PublishPress Newsletter block #

You can create the email block by clicking on “Newsletter – PublishPress” button in the PublishPress Blocks category.

Settings for the PublishPress Newsletter block #

You can edit the settings of the PublishPress Newsletter on the right panel.

  • Notice: This will appear if you have not enabled the reCAPTCHA option in PublishPress Blocks.
  • Form Settings:
    • Form style: Default/Alternative. The Alternative layout also has First Name and Last Name fields.
    • Form width (px)
  • Text Label:
    • Email input placeholder
    • Submit text
    • Empty field warning text
    • Submit success text

Color settings for the PublishPress Newsletter block #

  • Input Color: Background color and Text color
  • Border Settings: Border Color, Border Style and Border radius
  • Submit Button Settings:
    • Color Settings:Border and Text, Background
    • Button border radius

Export emails from the PublishPress Newsletter block #

PublishPress Blocks will save all the emails entered into your Newsletter blocks. Click here for more on exporting your emails.

Default settings for the PublishPress Newsletter block #

You can set default options for every PublishPress Newsletter block added to your site. This is possible with the PublishPress Blocks default configuration feature and it allows you to create a consistent look-and-feel for all your newsletter forms.

Go to Blocks in your WordPress admin menu, then PublishPress Blocks.

Click PublishPress Newsletter settings icon.

Adjust the default settings and save.

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