Getting Started with PublishPress Revisions

This is a guide to getting started using PublishPress Revisions.

PublishPress Revisions enables you to use revisions to control new changes to your content.

PublishPress Revisions enables users to safely make changes to published content. PublishPress Revisions offers a safe space for users to work on content updates. When the changes are ready, they can ask for approval to publish the update. Administrators can approve or reject the changes. They can also schedule them to go live in the future.

How to create your first revision

  • Install the PublishPress Revisions plugin.
  • You should see a “Revisions” link in your WordPress admin menu:
Revisions Fresh Installl
Revisions Fresh Installl
  • Go to the “Posts” or “Pages” link in your WordPress admin menu.
  • Find a post that is marked as “Published”.
  • Hover over the post or page that you want to update, and click the “New Revision” link.
New Revision Link
New Revision Link
  • You wll
  • Make a change to this published post. The change can be as simple as adding some text.
  • Check the “Submit Revision” box in the right sidebar,.
  • Click “Save Revision”.
Hello World Revision 1
Hello World Revision 1
  • You'll see a message that your modification has been submitted. If you want, you can keep editing the revision. When you want to save new changes, click the purple “Update Revision” button.

Here's how to see your revisions:

  • Click “Revisions” in the WordPress admin menu.
  • You'll be take to the “Revision Queue” feature in PublishPress Revisions. This is where all submitted revisions wait to be approved.
Revision Queue 3
Revision Queue 3
  • Underneath each revision you can choose from several options: Edit, Delete, Preview and Compare.
Revision Queue Links
Revision Queue Links
  • If you click “Preview” you will go the front of the site and have several options.
  • Click “View Queue” and you'll be back on the Revisions Queue” screen.
  • Click “View Published Post” and you'll see the version of this post that is live on the site.
  • Click “Edit” to make more changes to the revision.
  • Click “Publish now” to make the new changes live on the site.
Pubish Links
Publish Links
  • If you click “Compare”, you'll see a side-by-side comparison of the new revision and the currently published post:

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