Getting Started with PublishPress Revisions

Thanks for the using the PublishPress Revisions plugin. This is a quick start guide to using PublishPress Revisions.

PublishPress Revisions enables you to use revisions to control new changes to your content.

Your users can update posts using the normal WordPress editor, but their changes will not be published automatically. Instead, the changes are stored as a “pending revision” that can be approved, rejected or scheduled.

There is much more to PublishPress Revisions than we can cover in this one tutorial. But this guide will get you up-and-running with this very useful plugin.

These guides have useful background information as you're getting started:

Video introduction to PublishPress Revisions

How to create your first revision

  • Installing the PublishPress Revisions plugin.
  • You should see a Revisions link in your WordPress admin area:
  • Go to the “Posts” link.
  • Find a post that is marked as “Published”. PublishPress Revisions Free will only work for published posts. The Pro version of the plugin supports unpublished content.
  • Click “Edit” for your published post.
  • Make a change to this published post. The change can be as simple as adding some text.
  • Check the “Pending Revision” box in the top right corner.
  • Click “Save Revision”.
  • You'll see a message that your modification has been saved for editorial review.
  • Click “View Revision Queue”.

You'll be take to the “Revision Queue” feature in PublishPress Revisions. This is where all submitted revisions wait to be approved.

Underneath each revision you can choose from several options: Edit, Delete, Preview and Compare.

If you click “Preview” you will go the front of the site and have several options:

If you click “Compare”, you'll see a side-by-side comparison of the new revision and the currently published post:

What can users do with PublishPress Revisions?

PublishPress Revisions offers different permissions to different user roles:

  • Contributors” can submit revisions to their own published posts.
  • “Revisors” can submit revisions to posts and pages published by others.
  • Authors”, “Editors” and “Administrators” can approve revisions or schedule their own revisions.

If you want to change these permissions, you can use the PublishPress Capabilities plugin and follow this tutorial.

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