One feature in PublishPress Series is a Navigation strip that gets displayed with posts that are part of a series containing links to the next and previous posts in the series. This just provides another way for users to click through to other posts in the series.

Series Nav Shortcode Output
Series Nav Shortcode Output

Go to Series > Templates and you will be able to control how the series navigation strip is displayed:

Nav Options
Nav Options

You control the output by inserting various tokens, text, and HTML markup.

You can automatically insert the series navigation strip into your blog by using the %postcontent% token. In this image above, the %postcontent% token is before the rest of the template telling the plugin that you want the Series Navigation Strip to show up after the post-content.

Removing the %postcontent% token would keep your post content from displaying. If you don't want the series navigation strip to show up just remove everything except for the %postcontent% token.

%postcontent% controls automatic insertion into the full post page views of your blog theme (on is_single();pages).

What about template tags and functions? #

Here are the details for customizing the template files:

  • wp_series_nav() – gets the links for previous OR next posts in a series. This function takes the arguments: series_ID.
  • wp_assemble_series_nav() – this calls the series navigation template and replaces all the %tokens% with the related series information.

For developers who want to dig more deeply into the code, detailed explanations are included in the orgSeries-template-tags.php file: