bbPress is the most popular forum software for WordPress. With PublishPress Permissions Pro, you can manage access and to important bbPress features.

One key features of PublishPress Permissions Pro is that you can control permissions for specific bbPress forums.

Permissions for bbPress Forums #

Here's the best way to start adding permissions for specific bbPress forums:

  • Go to “Forums” in the WordPress admin menu.
  • Edit a forum.
  • Click “enable custom permissions for Forums”.
  • Click “Update”:
Forum Permissions
Forum Permissions

You will now see several boxes under the forum. The boxes control different permissions for this forum:

  • Reading: who can view posts in this forum.
  • Topic creation: who can create posts in this forum.
  • Reply submission: who can reply to posts in this forum.
  • Editing: who can edit / moderate posts in this forum.
  • Association (as Parent): who can move this forum to a different place in the forum hierarchy.
Permissions Bbpress
Permissions Bbpress

Inside each box you will be able to set custom permissions for this forum. For example, under “Read this Forum”, you can choose which Roles, User or Groups can read topics inside this forum:

Bbpress Forum
Bbpress Forum

Adding bbPress Roles to Users #

It is also possible to give bbPress roles to specific users or groups.

This means you could choose to make a single user into a bbPress Moderator without promoting everyone else who is in the same role.

  • Go to “Users” in the WordPress admin menu.
  • Click to edit the user you want to modify.
  • Scroll down to the blue “Custom User Permissions” box. Click “customize this user directly”.
  • Choose “Forum” from the “Post Type” dropdown.
  • Choose “Participant” or “Moderator”.
  • Click “Add Role” then “Save” Roles”.

This particular user will now have this supplemental role in addition to their normal WordPress role.