Installing PublishPress on a Multisite Network

The PublishPress plugin has been fully tested on WordPress multisite networks and will work smoothly.

Currently it's not possible to use PublishPress to share and manage content across a multisite network, but we are working on that feature. At the moment, PublishPress can be network activated on your multisite setup, but it can manage content only on single sites.

Let's show you how to install PublishPress on a multisite network.

Understanding a Multisite Network

There are three key parts to a multisite network.

  1. Network Admin: This is the control panel for your multisite network.
  2. Main Site: This is the central WordPress site. It will be located at your main domain name, for example:
  3. Sites: These are the sub-sites that form your network. They will be located at or at

Installing Plugins on a Multisite Network

Plugins can only be installed from the “Network Admin” area

  • Go to “My Sites”, then “Network Admin”.
  • Click “Plugins”.
Publishpress Install
Publishpress Install
  • After installing plugins you will see this screen below. If you click “Network Activate” then you won't be able to see the “Delete” button.

Now that the plugins are installed, you can decide how to make them available to the sites in your network.

Click here to read how to activate PublishPress across a multisite network.

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