How to Hide Other Users’ Posts in the WordPress Admin Area

By default, WordPress users in the admin area can see all the Posts on the site, regardless of whether they are the author.

This is not a problem for many sites. After all, most Posts on most sites are publicly available – there’s no need to hide them.

However, in some situations, site owners don’t want authors to see the Posts that other users are working on.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to solve this problem thanks to PublishPress plugins.

  • Install the plugin called “Capability Manager Enhanced“.
  • Go to Users > Capabilities.
  • Use the “Select Role to View / Edit” box to choose the role you want to edit.
  • Make sure the “Edit Others” box is empty.
Changing the edit others permission in WordPress

Now, when an author goes to the “Posts” screen, they will only see Posts for which they are the author.

The image below shows what author can see on a PublishPress demo site before “Capability Manager Enhanced” is installed and correctly configured.

WordPress admin area seeing all the posts

And this next image shows what the same user sees after the plugin is activated and configured. Notice that the numbers across the top of the screen have changed. For example, “Published” has dropped from 20 to 8 and “Scheduled” has dropped from 28 to 20.

WordPress admin area only seeing all your posts

This set up is fully compatible with the Multiple Authors plugin so you can still safely assign more than one author to a post.

More on permissions in the WordPress admin area

If you’re curious exactly what users can see inside your WordPress admin area, check out these guides:

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Comments (2)

  • I have tested out this plugin but it seems unreliable.

    An editor is also not able to view other posts. Only an admin can do that. Editor roles group should also authorize to see and edit other posts like admin.

    Hey PublishPress, can you suggest any other plugin for the same or let me know how to allow editors to see other post with this plugin?

    Thanks for the information.

  • This plugin is Great..

    But, can you help me. The problem with the plugin mentioned above is that it only allows administrators to view all posts. My question, how to allow Editors to view and edit all posts with this plugin?

    Thanks you….

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