Multiple Authors

By default, WordPress allows you to set only one author for your posts. If you create content as a team, you need the Multiple Authors add-on. The Multiple Authors add-on allows you to assign multiple authors to one content item. You can also display their information in several easy ways, with no need to hack your template files.

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Add Multiple Authors

By default WordPress allows you to set only one author for your posts.With the Multiple Authors add-on and PublishPress, you can set multiple authors for each post and display their information in your site.

Display the Authors Information

Instead of manually editing your template files, the Multiple Authors add-on give you several different options to display the authors’ box:

  1. At the bottom of your content
  2. In a widget
  3. Via a shortcode

And yes, if you want to do things manually, there are filters and actions available so you can add the Multiple Authors output to your template files.

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