Revisionary is the plugin for managing WordPress revisions

Schedule revisions

Revisionary allows you to schedule WordPress revisions to be published in the future.

When you're editing a published post, all you need to do is check a box. You'll then be able to choose a future date for your revision to go live.

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Control revision permissions

Revisionary allows you to control which users are able to create revisions.

You can use a new "Revisor" role created by Revisionary, or customize the existing WordPress roles.

Approve revisions

Revisionary enables you to approve or deny revisions to published content.

When users create a revision, you can send an email to Administrators and Editors. These users can log in and moderate the new revisions.

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Email Notifications for Revisions

Revisionary can email high-level users on your site to let them know about new revisions.

Need more features? Revisionary Pro is coming soon!

Revisionary Pro

In mid-to-late 2019, we plan to release a premium version of Revisionary with key extra features. You will be able to get support for featured images, page template, custom fields and more.

You'll also get customizable notifications, Advanced Custom Fields support and lots of other cool features.

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