Being a Developer and Planting 1,000’s of Trees with Phil Sturgeon


Phil Sturgeon is a renowned API and PHP developer. He's now starting a charity called Protect Earth to plant trees across the UK.

In this interview, I talk with Phil about his environmental work, and cycling around the world to fundraise for the project. How does he manage to launch a hugely ambitious new project and hold down a high-level day job?

We discuss small steps all of us can take to create a more sustainable world, even if we're running a million miles an hour with our businesses and development work.

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Which US State Governors Use WordPress?

Us Governors

In normal times, being a governor of a US state is a fairly low-profile job.

Yes, there are some famous governors. For example, you probably remember Governor Schwarzenegger.

However, there are 50 different governors, plus five more if you include territories such as Guam and Puerto Rico. Most governors struggle to become famous in their own state, let alone nationally or internationally.

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Which USA States Have WordPress Websites?

Us States

Here at PublishPress, we’re very focused on the publishing experience in WordPress. We love to see large organizations use WordPress to publish their content.

Across the USA, state governments are among the largest and most high-profile organizations. So I decided to find out which states rely on WordPress to publish their most important updates.

I analyzed the main government sites for all 50 states and found that some of the biggest and most famous states use WordPress.

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Featured WordPress Publisher: Branch


Welcome to another post in our series that features innovative WordPress publishers.

Branch is a fascinating new publication that uses WordPress and is backed by Mozilla. Branch is an online magazine whose focus is making sure our technology helps build a sustainable world.

Their tech team has also done some fascinating work with their WordPress site. They are really pushing the boundaries when it comes to how “green” WordPress can be.

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Tim Frick on Building Better WordPress Businesses With B Corps

Tim Frick

When I asked around in the WordPress community about environmental issues, everyone had the same response: “You should talk with Tim Frick.”

Tim is based in Chicago and runs the Mightybytes agency. He is passionate about helping organizations create a more positive impact on the world.

In this interview, I chat with Tim about Benefit Corporations (B Corps). Tim explains how his desire to create a positive influence has led him to use WordPress and support environmental issues.

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Automatically Create WordPress Tags from Author Information

Authors Tags 1

This week, one PublishPress customer was in a situation where they needed to create Tags based on the Authors of a post.

The goal was that when someone writes a post, their name was automatically added as a Tag.

Once this was done, the customer could use the Tags to trigger other functionality. For example, they could PublishPress notifications to send an email for any post that has the Tag for specific authors.

We wrote some code that automatically adds Author details as Tags. You can pull any information from your Author profiles and use that to create Tags.

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How to Create a Content Schedule in WordPress

Content Schedule

If you're running a busy website, it's important to get a clear understanding of what content is being published.

The PublishPress plugin does offer a Calendar view where you can see all your content in a week-by-week layout. However, a Calendar view must inevitably hide some information or else it would become unbearably crowded.

For a clean view of all the key data for all your WordPress content, try the Content Overview screen in the PublishPress plugin.

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Help! Some Content is Missing from My WordPress Revisions

Missing Revisions

Revisions is one the most useful features in WordPress. Every time you update your content, WordPress makes a change.

However, the idea may be great, the reality sometimes falls short. You may find that some content and fields do not have their data stored in your site's revisions.

The problem is that not all plugins support the revisions feature in WordPress.

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Your Guide to the Autosave Feature for WordPress Posts


If you write blog posts in your browser, you have probably had the gut-wrenching experience of losing content.

Maybe your browser crashed. Perhaps your internet connection dropped.

But when you went back to your post, your content was missing. Ouch!

Fortunately, autosaves are a WordPress feature that can help you avoid losing your content.

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