How to Create a Table of Contents for WordPress Posts

If you write really long articles in WordPress, it can very helpful to have a table of contents at the top of the post. This acts as a quick summary so readers can scan the content and perhaps jump down to a topic they’re really interested in.

With the Easy Table of Contents plugin, you can insert a table of contents in a WordPress post. Every heading in the post will be accessible through a link at the beginning. This image shows the plugin in action:

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How to Hide Other Users’ Posts in the WordPress Admin Area

By default, WordPress users in the admin area can see all the Posts on the site, regardless of whether they are the author.

This is not a problem for many sites. After all, most Posts on most sites are publicly available – there’s no need to hide them.

However, in some situations, site owners don’t want authors to see the Posts that other users are working on.

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PublishPress Revisons Pro is Live!

Earlier this year, we relaunched the Revisionary plugin as part of our merger with PressPermit.

This plugin is the best choice for managing, scheduling and moderating WordPress revisions.

After a summer of hard work, we have released an entirely new and renamed version of the plugin: PublishPress Revisions Pro!

There are more new features than I can list in one blog post. But let me introduce 6 key new features you’ll find in PublishPress Revisions Pro.

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How to Enable Lazy Loading for WordPress Comments

“Lazy Loading” is a technique that helps the important parts of your site load quickly for visitors.

Lazy Loading makes sure that page elements that are non-critical will load after the more important elements.

Imagine you open an article you want to read on the internet. Usually, you would start at the title and perhaps eventually read down to the comments. It makes perfect sense to load the title first and then load the comments later.

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Multiple Authors 3 is Live!

Say hello to “Multiple Authors“, the newest plugin in the PublishPress family.

By default, WordPress only allows you to add one author to each post.

Multiple Authors is a plugin that allows you to add as many authors as you want. This is really useful for teams who work together on content.

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How to Create a Glossary in WordPress

The Glossary plugin allows you to create a glossary on your WordPress site. This can be very useful feature for your visitors, particularly if you work in an industry with lots of jargon or unusual words.

The Glossary plugin allows you to automatically create links from words to the corresponding term page in the glossary. So if you define the word “server” in your glossary, this plugin can automatically link any occurrences to the glossary definition.

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