How to Use the Enable Media Replace Plugin

It can be a complicated process to replace images and media files in WordPress. The Enable Media Replace plugin enables you to quickly upload replacement images.

What is complex about the default process? For example, if you want to replace an image in a WordPress post, you have to do the following:

  • Access the Media Library.
  • Delete the old image.
  • Upload a new image
  • Edit the post.
  • Link the image to the post again.

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How To Use the User Switching Plugin in WordPress

If you run a WordPress website with many users, you probably often have to answer questions or solve bugs for your users.

Here at PublishPress, we rely heavily on the User Switching plugin. This allows us to browse our site and see exactly what the user sees. User Switching is enormously helpful when we’re solving support questions.

We can test the user’s account without needing to reset their password or create a duplicate version of their account.

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What is the unfiltered_html permission in WordPress?

In this tutorial, I’m going to introduce you to the unfiltered_html permission. This permission is a security feature in WordPress that prevents users from using tags such as <iframe> and <embed>, plus also more advanced code such as Javascript.

This unfiltered_html permission could be very dangerous in the wrong hands, so please don’t give this permission to any users you do not trust. WordPress has disabled this permission for most users because they rarely need it.

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What is the upload_files permission in WordPress?

The “upload_files” capability is one of the most important in WordPress.

If users don’t have the “upload_files” capability, they completely lose access to the Media Library. They can’t upload files or even browse media on your site.

If users do not have the “upload_files” capability, this image below shows what they will see when they use an image block in Gutenberg. They will see the message, “Given your current role, you can only link an image, you cannot upload.”

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PublishPress Checklists Now Has Free Version on

Do you care about creating great content with WordPress? Now there’s a plugin that allows you to ensure all your content meets your high standards.

We’ve released a free version of the PublishPress Checklists plugin. You can get the free version on

PublishPress Checklists is the best way to make sure that your content is ready to go live. This plugin enables you to choose pre-publishing requirements for your content. For example, you can require that all posts have a minimum number of words, or that they all have a featured image.

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How to use WooCommerce Revisions with Products

So you want to make changes to your WooCommerce products? Using WooCommerce revisions is the best way to update your products and keep a record of those changes.

Before you do, be careful. By default, revisions are not enabled in WooCommerce. So if you make any mistakes, you won’t be able to roll back to a previous version of your product. Fortunately, it is possible to set up WooCommerce revisions successfully with the help of the PublishPress Revisions Pro plugin.

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