How to Get Client Approval for WordPress Posts

We had a really interesting question from a PublishPress user:

We have many clients who we write posts for. We write the posts 6 months in advance, and get them approved by the clients. Is this possible with the PublishPress plugins?

The answer is “Yes”, you can do this. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to set up an approval process for WordPress posts.

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PublishPress Revisions 2.10 Has Preview Improvements

At the beginning of October, we released PublishPress Revisions Free onto

This is a major update to the old Revisionary plugin and so we called it version 2.0. It has a much improved interface for managing, approving and scheduling revisions to your WordPress content.

Thanks to everyone who has sent in feedback. We’ve been listening intently and have now released 10 updates.

Version 2.10 is now out and it has more improvements. In particular, there are improvements to the “Preview” feature.

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Review of the Simple History Plugin for WordPress

We recently looked at many different plugins to find the best one for tracking content changes.

The Simple History plugin was our favorite. Simple History allows site administrators to keep a log of all performed tasks performed within a WordPress site.

This plugin generates two tables in the WordPress database and these store all the changes to your site. These records will be deleted after 60 days to stop your database getting too big.

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How to Automatically Delete WordPress Revisions

We develop a plugin called PublishPress Revisions that allows you to submit, approve and schedule changes to your WordPress content.

Revisions are a wonderful feature in WordPress and have saved me many hours of headaches.

WordPress automatically saves a revision for your content every 60 seconds. So whenever I make a writing mistake in WordPress, I know there’s always a revision available so I can fix things.

However, if you have a busy site, and WordPress is constantly saving revisions, you will soon end up with a LOT of revisions. These can slow down your site by filling up your database with unnecessary data.

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How to Show Code in Gutenberg Blocks

The Gutenberg editor delivered a lot of cool improvements for WordPress users. One of these is that it’s now much easier to add code your WordPress posts.

I’m going to show you two ways to add code in Gutenberg. The first option allows you to add whole blocks of code. The second option allows you to highlight code inside paragraphs.

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What is the Best Plugin to Track WordPress Revisions?

We develop a plugin called PublishPress Revisions that allows you to submit, approve and schedule changes to your WordPress content.

However, PublishPress Revisions doesn’t (yet) keep an easily visible log of all your content changes. This week, someone emailed us and wanted to know if this was possible using another plugin.

I decided to install and test seven plugins that can track content changes.

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WordPress Errors After a Change? Try Clicking “Update” or “Save”

Why does it always happen on a Friday afternoon?

Last Friday, we had a panic here at PublishPress. We made a minor change to one of the options in Easy Digital Downloads – that’s the eCommerce plugin we use on this site. Suddenly, all the subscription plans were broken. Whenever anyone tried to login, they couldn’t download their purchases. Every account was marked as “invalid”.

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