The WooCommerce Checklist Add-on for PublishPress is Here

Update: this WooCommerce feature is now part of PublishPress Checklistts Pro.

The slogan of PublishPress is “Professional Publishing Tools for WordPress”.

With features like the PublishPress Checklists, PublishPress improves consistency across your team. You can create shared standards for your content.

What about your WooCommerce store? Great news. We just launched the WooCommerce Checklist add-on for PublishPress.

Using this new add-on you will can define tasks that must be completed before a product is published on your WooCommerce store. This ensures a consistent and high quality shopping experience.

Click here to get the PublishPress WooCommerce Checklist add-on

How the WooCommerce Checklist works

Similar to the Content Checklist add-on, writers will see a checklist box, showing the tasks they need to complete. You can select between recommending or requiring each task.

Available Requirements

Each product can be configured to meet your site's needs. Right now we support the following requirements:

  • Number of categories
  • Number of categories
  • Number of tags
  • Number of words
  • Check as virtual product
  • Check as downloadable
  • Set a regular price
  • Set a sale price
  • Schedule the sale price
  • Discount in the sale price
  • SKU is set
  • Check Manage Stock
  • Check Sold Individually
  • Allow Backorders?
  • Select Upsell products
  • Select Cross-sells products

And of course, custom items. We are working hard to add more options.

We would love to hear what do you think. Is it helpful? Do you have any particular need? Let us know.


If you are part of a WordPress team, give PublishPress a try.

In addition to a WooCommerce Checklist, you'll also get:

WordPress for Teams. That's the goal.

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