WooCommerce Checklist

The WooCommerce Checklist add-on is perfect for anyone that wants to create a consistent shopping experience with their WooCommerce store.

It can be difficult to make sure every product has the information, description, and features your customer needs to buy online.

Using the PublishPress WooCommerce Checklist, you’ll be able to define tasks that must be completed before each product is published.

You will be able to give your shoppers a consistent experience with each product. This will help them navigate better, spend more time on your site, and ultimately buy more.


Next to every product, writers see a checklist box, showing the tasks they need to complete. Tasks can be either be recommended, or required.

As writers complete each item, the red text automatically turns to green.

Custom Rules

In addition to the default rules, you can also create your own rules. Click “Add custom item” to create as many rules as you want.


Each item on the checklist can be configured to meet your site’s needs. You can decide whether items are recommended, required or ignored. You can also set maximum and minimum values.


If the writers don’t complete all the requirements, they’ll see a pop-up message telling them what they need to do.

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