The WooCommerce Checklist Makes Your Product Listings Look Wonderful

WooCommerce ChecklistWooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce platform in the world, and people are using it for busier and busier stores.

If you run a busy WooCommerce site, you have 1001 things to think about every day.

You need to worry about taxes, shipping, fulfillment, customer support and all the everyday challenges of running an e-commerce store.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had one less thing to worry about?

The WooCommerce Checklist offers peace of mind for your product listings.

With the WooCommerce Checklist, you can guarantee that your products have the details you want.

  • Need every product to have an SKU number?
  • Want to give every item a Product Image?
  • Want to make sure all Product descriptions are a similar length?
  • Need all your listings to be “Virtual” products?

The WooCommerce Checklist can offer all these guarantees and more.

If you have the WooCommerce Checklist installed, the image below shows what you’ll see. On the right-hand side of your product editing screen, you’ll see a “Checklist” box. If you don’t meet all these criteria, your product can’t go live on the site.

How to Set Up the WooCommerce Checklist

Let’s see how to use the WooCommerce Checklist on your own e-commerce site.

  • Install the free PublishPress plugin, plus the WooCommerce Checklist add-on.
  • Go to the “PublishPress” link in your WordPress admin.
  • Click on the “Checklist” tab:
PublishPress checklist settings
  • The checklist features don’t appear on WooCommerce products by default. You will need to select the “Products” post type:
WooCommmerce checklist added to products
You’ll now see all your WooCommerce Checklist options, under the “Product” tab. Here are some of the options:

All-in-all, there are more than 15 different settings you can choose. These will be requirements before anyone can publish a product on your site.

woocommerce product checklist settings
If the default 15 options are not enough, you can also create your own requirements.
For example, perhaps you want every product image to contain your logo somewhere in the image. At the bottom of the Checklist screen you can see an “Add custom item” box. Here you can add a new requirement:
WooCommmerce checklist custom items

You can also decide how firm you want to be with your requirement. Each requirement has several options:.

In the Action column, you can choose a specific action for each requirement:

  • Show a sidebar message: This allows users to publish products, but the requirement is marked in red with an X in the sidebar.
  • Show a pop-up message: This also allows users to publish products, but they will see a pop-up with a warning message.
  • Prevent publishing: This forces users to complete a requirement before publishing. These items are represented by a “*”.

WooCommerce requirements


If you want to ensure a consistent experience in your stores, give the WooCommerce Checklist a try.

  • No more users forgetting to enter an SKU number.
  • An end to forgotten product images.
  • No more short one-line text descriptions to hurt your SEO.

You’ll be able to make sure all your WooCommerce product listings are consistent and high-quality, no matter how busy your store becomes.

If you’re still not sure if PublishPress is worth trying, check out reviews of the PublishPress plugin.

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