How to Use the Permissions Add-on for PublishPress

The Permissons add-on allows you to customize permissions for publishing content and interacting with PublishPress.

By default, WordPress offers a fixed set of publishing permissions:

  • Contributors can write their own posts.
  • Authors can write and also publish their own posts.
  • Editors can edit and publish posts by anyone on the site.

There are some WordPress plugins that allow you to customize these permissions, but they’re all working within a limited set of options.

Often you can’t fit your company’s processes around WordPress’ limitations:

  • Some teams need a “Copy Edit” status for users in the”Copy Editor” group.
  • Some teams want a “Needs Legal Approval” status for users in a “Legal” group.
  • Some teams require a “Creative Approval” status so their branding experts can sign off on the post.

The PublishPress Permissions add-on is the solution to those problems. This add-on allows you to decide your users publishing capabilities.

After you install the Permissions add-on, go to the PublishPress > Permissions menu link:

On this screen, you can control the permissions for your user roles. These permissions include:

PublishPress Permissions also exposes default WordPress permissions related to publishing. You will find these under the “Posts” and “Pages” tabs.

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